Pouppée Fabrikk

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Pouppée Fabrikk
Pouppée Fabrikk at E-Tropolis 2014
Pouppée Fabrikk at E-Tropolis 2014
Background information
OriginKarlskoga, Sweden
Years active1988–present[1]
Past membersJouni Olilla

Pouppée Fabrikk is a Swedish EBM band, started in 1988[2] by Henrik Björkk and Leif Holm, who both hail from Karlskoga.

Initially, the music of Pouppée Fabrikk (PF) borrowed heavily from minimalistic electronic acts such as Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and Nitzer Ebb, but with the addition of Jouni Olilla and Jonas Aneheim on guitar PF moved towards a more Die Krupps-style electronic/metal mix. The "Your Pain - Our Gain" CD was meant to be released in 1996, but due to differences in opinion between the band and the record company (Energy Rekords) it was delayed until 1999. In 1996 the band decided to take a break and PF was put on hold and the band members worked on various solo projects.

The band name has no meaning. It was constructed from a combination of French ("Poupé") and Norwegian ("Fabrikk") words. Originally the band name was meant to be Poupé Fabrikk, but when a friend made their first posters he incorrectly spelt it "Pouppée Fabrikk" and the band liked it.[3]

In 2000 the band re-united for a gig at the Tinitus Electronic Festival and announced that they were making a comeback and returning to their roots. They released a four track mini CD entitled "Elite Electronics". A year later though, both Jouni and Henrik left the band to concentrate on their respective solo careers. PF disbanded shortly afterwards. After seven years of absence from the scene the band re-united in 2009, Christian R filling the place of former member Jouni Ollila. In October 2010, they once again re-united for a gig; this time at Bodyfest in Fryshuset.

In 2019, the band announced the production of a new album, "Armén", the first full length album since 1994.



  • Rage (1990)
  • Portent (1991)
  • Crusader (1992)
  • We Have Come To Drop Bombs (1994)
  • Djävulen (1998)
  • Your Pain - Our Gain (1999)
  • The Dirt (2013)
  • Armén (2020)


  • Die Jugend (1989)
  • Summoning (1990)
  • Betrayal (1992)
  • I Want Candy (1993)
  • Elite Electronics (2001)


  • Electro Revenge / Death (1990)
  • The Official Techno Club Compilation Volume Two / T.O.D.N. (1990)
  • I Sometimes Wish I Was Famous - A Swedish Tribute To Depeche Mode / Photographic (1991)
  • Electronic Beats From The North - Energy '92 / Portent (1992)
  • To Be Stun / Betrayalizer (1993)
  • Virtual Energy / One Foot In The Grave (1993)
  • Body Rapture Vol. 5 / Gods Gift To Mankind (1994)
  • Virtual Energy - Volume Two / Betrayalizer, Brigade (1994)
  • Energy Rekords & Beat That! Records 1996 / Weak Men (1996)
  • Vertigo Compilation 02/1996 / Weakman (1996)
  • EBM Club Classics Vol. 1 / Betrayal (12 Inch Mix) (1998)
  • Labelcompilation 98 / Punish (1998)
  • Vaws Vol. I / Photographic (2000)
  • Best Of Electronic Music Vol. 3 / Elite Electronics (2001)
  • Memento Materia Sampler 2001 / Elite Electronics (2001)

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