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Povla Frijsh, from a 1917 publication.

Povla Frijsh (3 August 1881 - 10 July 1960) was a Danish classical soprano and voice teacher.


Frijsh was born on the island of Ærø in Denmark in 1881. She studied with Ove Christensen in Denmark and Jean Périer in Paris.[1]

She mainly sang in concerts and recitals; although she did make a few opera appearances at the Paris Opera and the Royal Danish Theatre. She toured with artists including Raoul Pugno, Pablo Casals, and Jacques Thibaud.[2] She was a champion of contemporary classical music, and was an important exponent of the works of Virgil Thomson, Randall Thompson, Francis Poulenc, Rebecca Clarke, and Samuel Barber. After a 49-year-long performance career, she retired from singing in 1947. Her notable pupils included Adele Addison, Jean Kraft, and Cornelius L. Reid.

She died in Blue Hill, Maine in 1960.[1]


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