Povoação Velha

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Povoação Velha
Rua de Povoação Velha.jpg
Povoação Velha is located in Cape Verde
Povoação Velha
Povoação Velha
Coordinates: 16°02′17″N 22°55′01″W / 16.038°N 22.917°W / 16.038; -22.917Coordinates: 16°02′17″N 22°55′01″W / 16.038°N 22.917°W / 16.038; -22.917
Country Cape Verde
Island Boa Vista
Municipality Boa Vista
Civil parish Santa Isabel
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 309

Povoação Velha (Cape Verde Creole: Povoason Bédja[citation needed]) is a village in the southwestern part of the island of Boa Vista, Cape Verde.[2][3][4] The village is around 16 km south of the island capital of Sal Rei.


Praceta de Santo António, in Povoação Velha.

Povoação Velha is situated at the foot of 348 m high Rocha Estância,[5][6] just next of the village forms a part of its natural monument. Southwest is Ribeira Baixa which flows south to the Atlantic, there, the sandy beach Praia de Santa Mónica stretches south of the village. Landmarks include the Chapel of Santo António (Saint Anthony) built in 1800,[7] the church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição built in 1828[8] and Praceta de Santo António in the center. There is a health center in the village[9] and a youth center.[10]

Nossa Senhora da Conceição church
View of the village

About 15 km towards the east, on the south coast of the island, is the deserted village Curral Velho. To the west are Varandinha and Mónica beaches. Tourists used four wheel motorcycles, the ATVs nearby, it infuriated farmers and revolted by protesters on February 9, 2010.[11]


The community is the oldest settlement (hence the name, the first name was Povoação da Boa Vista) in the island dating back to the late 16th century, its population used to be 1,500,[5] for many times in the early decades, it was the island's only settlement. Until 1810, it served as an island capital. The capital was moved to Rabil for its paper production and later Sal Rei for its exploration and the production of salt.[12] The 2010 census recorded 309 inhabitants.

Hurricane Fred struck Boa Vista island in 2015 and affected even the village damaging 50 houses and nearly totalled 70%, predominantly minimal,[13] damages costed CV$3 million escudos (2015 value; US$30,000).[14]


Major festivities in the village include Saint Roch (São Roque) on May 8,[15] Saint Anthony (Santo António) on June 13[15] and Our Lady of Conception on December 8.[15]


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