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Powell Street
Bay Area Rapid Transit BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg
Rapid transit (BART)
Light rail (Muni)
Powell St. Station 2.JPG
Entrance to Powell Street Station
Location 899 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Coordinates 37°47′02″N 122°24′29″W / 37.784°N 122.408°W / 37.784; -122.408Coordinates: 37°47′02″N 122°24′29″W / 37.784°N 122.408°W / 37.784; -122.408
Line(s) BART

Muni Metro

Platforms 2 island platforms (one for BART, one for Muni)
Tracks 2 wide gauge (BART)
2 standard gauge (Muni Metro)
2 standard gauge (MKSR)
Disabled access Yes
Opened November 5, 1973 (43 years ago) (BART)
February 1980 (37 years ago) (Muni)
Passengers (FY 2016) 29,549 exits/day[1]Increase 0.41% (BART)
Preceding station   Bart-logo.svg Bay Area Rapid Transit   Following station
toward Richmond
Richmond–​Daly City/​Millbrae
toward Millbrae (Daly City on Saturdays)
Dublin/​Pleasanton–​Daly City
toward Daly City
Pittsburg/​Bay Point–​SFO/​Millbrae
toward SFO (Millbrae on weeknights & weekends)
Warm Springs/South Fremont–​Daly City
toward Daly City
BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg Muni Metro
One-way operation
K Ingleside
toward Balboa Park
toward Embarcadero
J Church
L Taraval
M Ocean View
N Judah
S Castro Shuttle
toward Castro Street
(West Portal on AT&T Park game days)
toward Sunnydale
T Third Street
One-way operation
BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg Muni heritage railway
F Market & Wharves
Transfer at: 4th and Stockton/Ellis or 5th and Powell
toward 17th and Castro
Route map
Cable Car
Union Square 2019
5th & Powell
4th & Stockton/Ellis  F 
BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg
J Church logo.svg K Ingleside logo.svg L Taraval logo.svg M Ocean View logo.svg N Judah logo.svg T Third Street logo.svg
Bay Area Rapid Transit
Central Subway 2019

Powell Street is a shared Muni Metro and Bay Area Rapid Transit station near the intersection of Market Street and Powell Street in downtown San Francisco. The station is located along the Market Street Subway and extends underground from Fourth Street to Fifth Street. Hallidie Plaza connects to the station on the north side of Market Street. Like all of the shared BART and Muni stations on the Market Street Subway, the concourse mezzanine is on the first level down, an island platform for the Muni Metro is on the second level down, and the island platform for BART is on the third level down.

The Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde cable car lines turn around at Powell and Market, above the station. Union Square is three blocks north of the station, the Westfield San Francisco Centre is on Market at Powell and the old United States Mint building is located one block away at Fifth Street and Mission Street. Also nearby is the famous Yerba Buena Gardens and Moscone Center, each about a block away, near Mission Street on 4th. Within the area is the The Metreon shopping center and movie theater. More tourist information is available at the San Francisco Visitor's Bureau located in Hallidie Plaza.

Powell Street is also the hub for San Francisco's Theater District. The Geary Theater, home to the American Conservatory Theater, is three-and-a-half blocks away. Next door to that is the historic Curran Theatre, now home to several touring Broadway productions. In Yerba Buena Gardens is the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, home to several performances and visual art that has enriched San Francisco. Located in Union Square is San Francisco's own TIX Bay Area, a Ticketmaster booth that also sells half-price tickets to several local theater companies.

Service at this station began on November 5, 1973.[2] As of December 2013, Powell Street was the busiest station in the BART system.[3] At this and other downtown stations, passengers may resort to “back-riding” during the evening commute across the bay. They take a train in the other direction for a few stops and then transfer to the correct train at a station when the train is less crowded such as Glen Park.[4]

The under-construction Central Subway must dive deep underground to pass underneath this station. The Central Subway will include a new station on Stockton Street between Union Square and Market Street to be connected by a tunnel to the existing Powell Street station mezzanine. The result will be a single integrated underground complex running all the way from Union Square to Market and Fifth Streets.

Station layout[edit]

G Street Level Exit/Entrance
M Mezzanine One-way faregates, ticket machines, station agent, Westfield San Francisco Centre entrance/exit
B1 Outbound  J Church toward Balboa Park (Civic Center)
 K Ingleside toward Balboa Park (Civic Center)
 L Taraval toward 46th Avenue and Wawona (Civic Center)
 M Ocean View toward San Jose and Geneva / Balboa Park (Civic Center)
 N Judah toward Judah and La Playa (Civic Center)
 S Castro Shuttle toward Castro Street, West Portal on AT&T Park game days (Civic Center)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Inbound  J Church toward Embarcadero (Montgomery St)
 L Taraval toward Embarcadero (Montgomery St)
 M Ocean View toward Embarcadero (Montgomery St)
 N Judah toward 4th and King/Caltrain Depot (Montgomery St)
 S Castro Shuttle toward Embarcadero, 4th and King/Caltrain Depot on AT&T Park game days (Montgomery St)
 T Third Street toward Sunnydale (Montgomery St)
B2 Southbound/Westbound (Platform 1)      Pittsburg/​Bay Point–​SFO/​Millbrae toward SFO weekdays, Millbrae weekends (Civic Center)
     Dublin/​Pleasanton–​Daly City toward Daly City (Civic Center)
     Richmond–​Daly City/​Millbrae toward Millbrae weekdays, Daly City Saturdays (Civic Center)
     Warm Springs/South Fremont–​Daly City toward Daly City (Civic Center)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Northbound/Eastbound (Platform 2)      Pittsburg/​Bay Point–​SFO/​Millbrae toward Pittsburg / Bay Point (Montgomery St)
     Dublin/​Pleasanton–​Daly City toward Dublin / Pleasanton (Montgomery St)
     Richmond–​Daly City/​Millbrae toward Richmond (Montgomery St)
     Warm Springs/South Fremont–​Daly City toward Warm Springs (Montgomery St)

Transit connections[edit]

F Market & Wharves platform at 4th & Stockton/Ellis
  • Powell/Hyde Cable Car Line
  • Powell/Mason Cable Car Line
  • 5 Fulton
  • 6 Parnassus
  • 7 Haight/Noriega
  • 7R Haight/Noriega Rapid
  • 8 Bayshore
  • 8AX Bayshore "A" Express
  • 8BX Bayshore "B" Express
  • 9 San Bruno
  • 9R San Bruno Rapid
  • 16X Noriega Express
  • 21 Hayes
  • 27 Bryant
  • 30 Stockton
  • 31 Balboa
  • 45 Union-Stockton
  • 91 Owl
  • L Owl
  • N Owl
AC Transit
Independent Transit Operator
  • Jitney Bus
Valley of the Moon Commute Club
California Shuttle Bus
  • Oakland-San Jose-Los Angeles (Ellis & Mason)
Amtrak Thruway Bus Service

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