Power (KMFDM song)

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Power limited edition.jpg
Limited edition 12" (1027 of 3000)
Single by KMFDM
from the album Xtort
Released August 15, 1996
Recorded Late 1995–early 1996
(in Chicago, Illinois)
Genre Industrial rock
Length 5:26
Label Wax Trax!/TVT, Metropolis, KMFDM
Writer(s) Sascha Konietzko, Günter Schulz
Producer(s) Sascha Konietzko, Günter Schulz, Chris Shepard
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"Power" is the first track on the KMFDM album Xtort. It was used to promote the album before its release in the summer of 1996. It was released in two limited edition vinyl pressings and as a CD single.


KMFDM was preparing to release their ninth studio album Xtort. TVT Records was heavily promoting its release, and used "Power" as the single to help spread awareness of the upcoming album. "Power" was featured on the "Wax Trax! Summer Swindle", a cassette sampler included with 45,000 issues of the July 1996 issue of Alternative Press.[1] Another 50,000 copies of the sampler were handed out at summer college and beach events and given away to radio stations.[1]


"Power" was released as a 12" vinyl pressing of 3000 individually numbered copies[2] on August 15, 1996.[3] The A-side contained the track, while the B-side had an etched KMFDM logo.[2] A CD single was also released[4] containing an edited version of the track.[2]

On August 1, 2009, the single was released as a 7" vinyl pressing of 250 copies.[5] This release included the track "Dogma" as a B-side.[5]


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