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Power Evangelism is a book by Christian charismatic leader John Wimber. The term is also applied to the movement and the process described in the book.

Power evangelism is a form of evangelism which relies on the supernatural power and gifts of the Holy Spirit to reach new converts and work through born again Christians. It is not the way most churches practice evangelism currently, which relies on an intellectual argument with the hope of salvation through logic and structured rituals. Many believe power evangelism is the way Jesus operated although it is known he also was a great student of the Torah. Although most Christians would believe that a person is brought to faith primarily through the action of God in the person of the Holy Spirit, in this form of evangelism supernatural events such as healings, prophetic revelation, words of knowledge and speaking in tongues are a demonstration of the power, and therefore the reality, of God.

Power Evangelism is illustrated in the lives of the disciples in the Book of Acts.


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