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Power Line
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Created byJohn H. Hinderaker, Scott W. Johnson, and Paul Mirengoff
URLwww.powerlineblog.com Edit this at Wikidata

Power Line is an American conservative political blog, founded in May 2002. Its posts were originally written by three lawyers who attended Dartmouth College together, namely John H. Hinderaker, Scott W. Johnson, and Paul Mirengoff. The site is published by Publir LLC, founded by Joseph Malchow, also a Dartmouth graduate.

The site gained recognition among the American right for its role in covering the Killian documents story that aired during the 2004 Presidential campaign about forged documents relating to President George W. Bush's term of service in the Texas Air National Guard, which kept him out of the Vietnam War.

In 2004, Power Line was named Time magazine's first-ever "Blog of the Year."[1] When AOL added blogs to their news Web site in 2007, Power Line was one of the five blogs included.[citation needed] A 2007 memo from the National Republican Senatorial Committee described Power Line as one of the five best-read national conservative blogs.[2]


The main contributors to Power Line are Steven F. Hayward, John H. Hinderaker, Scott W. Johnson, and Paul Mirengoff. Susan Vass, writing under the name "Ammo Grrrll," contributes a humor column to the site each Friday.

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