Power Pro Kun Pocket 9

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Power Pro Kun Pocket 9
Power Pro Kun Pocket 9 cover.jpg
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Series Power Pro Kun Pocket series
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
  • JP: December 2006
Genre(s) Sports, RPG
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Power Pro Kun Pocket 9 (パワプロクンポケット9) is a baseball game for the Nintendo DS. It is part of the Power Pro Kun Pocket series, the spinoff of the Power Pro series of games published by Konami, and is the second Power Pro game released for the Nintendo DS. The two main modes are "Success Mode", a single-player story mode, and "Pennant Mode", where the player takes control of a Japanese pro-baseball team, or an original team, with the goal of winning the Japan Series.

Success Mode[edit]

During a game, the bottom screen gives an overview of the infield

In Success Mode, the player takes the role of a character in a story and develops the character's baseball skill in a manner similar to a role-playing video game. In each story, the main character's name and position is chosen before the game begins. After completing each story, the player accrues points which can be used to unlock minigames or other Success Mode stories. Also, the main characters can be saved to be used in other modes.

Sasurai no Nice Guy[edit]

The first story, titled Sasurai no Nice Guy (さすらいのナイスガイ, Vagabond Nice Guy), follows a vagabond who joins a struggling local baseball team, the "Victories". The team is sponsored by a small shōtengai, the "Boogie Woogie Shōtengai" (ブギウギ商店街), which finds itself in competition a large supermarket chain. The hero is joined by a number of other characters who compete in local games to raise publicity for the shōtengai.[1]

Space Captain[edit]

In the second story, Space Captain (スペースキャプテン), the player takes the role of a captain charged with collecting "Space Vaccine". In order to purchase the necessary amount, the player must fly from planet to planet, trading goods. Money can also be used to buy parts to upgrade the hero's ship and "Baseball Robot". This mode also has an element of action RPG, as the hero periodically battles other ships or people.

Shōshin Temple[edit]

In Shōshin Temple (少森寺), a play on the word for Shaolin Monastery (少林寺), the hero is a high school baseball player who has been invited by a teammate to a summer training camp at a local temple. The hero mistakes "Shōshin Temple" with "Komori Temple" (小森寺) due to the similar kanji, and is forced into a rigorous 40-day-long Shaolin-style training session.

This is the first multi-player success mode that can be shared through game sharing function of the DS, players without the game cannot save players created in this mode.

Pennant Mode[edit]

In Pennant Mode, instead of following a story with a strict goal, the player competes as a team in a Japanese pro season. The player can use either a regular team from the 2006 season or his own created from a combination of characters from the Success Mode and real-life players in Japan.

Characters saved from Success Mode can be used once in the My Pennant Mode which inserts the character into a Japanese pro team. The player plays out a season from the perspective of the character.


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