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Power Pro Wrestling
FoundedApril 18, 1998
DefunctApril 14 2001
HeadquartersMemphis, Tennessee
Founder(s)Randy Hales
Owner(s)Randy Hales

Memphis Power Pro Wrestling (Power Pro Wrestling) was a Memphis, Tennessee based professional wrestling promotion that was founded by Randy Hales. It was affiliated with Memphis Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation. It was the first developmental territory for the World Wrestling Federation.[1] The roster featured WWF-contracted wrestlers sent for training and experience like Kurt Angle and Matt Bloom (Tensai/Albert), Daniel Bryan and Memphis wrestling legends Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler, Brian Christopher and many others.

It operated from April 1998 to April 2001. The promotion was booked by Randy Hales and Brandon Baxter.


Male wrestlers[edit]

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Kurt Angle Kurt Angle 1999 [2][3][4][5]
Matthew Anoa'i Matt E. Smalls 1999
Darrell Anthony Dirty White Boy 1999
Steve Bisson Steve Bradley 1999–2000 [3][6]
Numa Blanchard Blade Boudreaux 1999–2000
Matthew Bloom Baldo 1998–1999 [4][7]
Larry Booker Moondog Spot 1998, 2000
Thomas Boric Paul Diamond / Venom 1998–1999 [8]
Ruben Cain Robert Gibson 1998, 2000
Mark Canterbury Henry O. Godwinn 1998WWF
Americo Costantino Rico Constantino 1999–2000 [6]
Thomas Couch Tommy Rogers 2000
William Crookshanks Bill Dundee 1998–1999 [8][9]
Harry Del Rios Spellbinder / Streak 1998–1999 [8][9][10]
Robert Dicks Jr. Robbie D / Slick Robbie D 1999–2000
Nicholas Dinsmore Nick Dinsmore 1999–2000
Sidney Eudy Sid Vicious 1998WWF
James Fanning Jimmy Valiant 1998, 2000
Edward Fatu OG Ekmo 1999
Solofa Fatu Jr. JR Smooth 1999
Anthony Felker Tony Falk / 2 Falk 4 Sure 1998–2000 [8]
Kevin Fertig Seven 1999–2000
Nelson Frazier Jr. King Mabel 1998WWF [9]
Scott Garland Scott Taylor 1999
Doug Gilbert Doug Gilbert 1999 [4][10]
Terry Gordy Terry Gordy 1999
Terry Gordy Jr. Ray Gordy 1999
Bob Govoni Bobby Doll 1998–1999
Byron Greene Johnny Rotten 1998
Vic Grimes Vic Grimes 1998–1999
Michael Hegstrand Road Warrior Hawk 1998
Mark Henry Mark Henry 1999
Daniel Hollie Damaja 2000
Robert Horne BJ Awesome / Rob Harlem / Sir Mo 1998, 2000 [8][9]
Tim Horner White Lightning 2000
Robert Howard Bombastic Bob 1998WWF
Glenn Jacobs Kane 1998WWF [9]
Jay Jaillet Jay Jaillet 1999
Brian James Jesse James / Road Dog 1998WWF [9]
Jeffrey Jarrett Jeff Jarrett 1998WWF
Dwayne Johnson Rocky Maivia 1998WWF [9]
Steve Keirn Steve Keirn 1999
Hiram Keller Heinrich Franz Keller / Trae Keller 1998–1999
James Kimble King Cobra 1998–1999
Christopher Kindred Flash Flanagan 1999–2000
Dennis Knight Phineas I. Godwinn 1998WWF
Glen Kulka Glen Kulka 1999
Alan Lamb Alan Steel 1999–2000
Wallace Lane Stan Lane 1999
Brian Lawler Brian Christopher 1998–1999 [4][8][9][10]
Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler 1998–1999, 2001 [7][8][9][11]
Kevin Lawler Kevin Christian / The Yellow Jacket 1998–1999 [9]
James Lehman Jagger 2000
Michael Lockwood Erin O'Grady 1998–1999
Paul J. Mcknight Moondog Rover 1998
Lance McNaught Lance Cade / Lance Jade 1999
Gary Mize Billy Joe Travis / Billy Travis 1998–1999 [8]
Richard Morton Ricky Morton 1998–1999
Scott Oberholzer Scotty Sabre 1999–2000
Carl Ouellet Kris Kannonball 1999
Russell Payne Jr. BJ Payne 1999–2000
Alex Pliakis Alex Arion 1999
Bill Pierce Chris Michaels 2000
Mike Polchlopek Bodacious Bart / Bart Gunn 1998WWF
Tom Prichard Tom Prichard 1998–1999
Scott Raines Bulldog Raines 1998–2000
Kenneth Raper Ken Raper 1999
Thomas Richardson Tommy Rich 1999 [10]
Michael Seitz Michael "P.S." Hayes 1999
Steve Sharpe Ali Stevens 1999–2000
Paulo César da Silva Giant Silva 1998–1999
Timothy Smith Rex King 1998
Tracy Smothers Tracy Smothers / The Assassin 1998–2000 [8]
Shawn Stipich Meat / Shawn Stasiak 1998–1999WWF [4]
Mike Walden Cash Flo 1999
Reginald Walt Master B / Reggie B. Fine 1998–1999 [8][9]
James Ware Koko B. Ware 1998–1999 [9]
Anthony Williams Kid Wikkid / Tony Williams 1998–1999 [8][9]
Frank Williams Trailer Park Trash 1999–2000
Kelly Wolfe Wolfie D 1999–2000 [2]
Steve Williams Steve Williams 1999
Unknown Ashley Hudson / Australian Sensation 1998 [8][9]
Unknown Beau James / The Bodyguard 1998 [8]
Unknown Bobby Bronz / Bobby Brawnz 1998 [9]
Unknown CB Wyatt 1999
Unknown The Cremator 1999
Unknown Deon Harlem 2000
Derrick Taylor Derrick King / Tay Hi 1998–2000 [8][9]
Unknown Dynamite D 1999
Unknown Firecracker 1999
Unknown Freddy Krueger / Mr. Wrestling 1998 [8]
Unknown Jason Gibson 1998
Unknown Jason Lee 1998–2000
Cory Radford JD Hall 1999-2001
Unknown Jebediah 1999
Unknown Kip Morris 1999
Unknown Lance Jade 1998–2000 [8][9]
Unknown Loose Cannon 1999
Unknown Mick Tierney 1998–1999
Charles White Ric Havoc 2000
Unknown Ron McClarity 1998–1999
Unknown Scotty McKeever 1998
Unknown Swole 1998 [9]
Unknown Tony DeNucci 1998
Unknown Ugly Ed Johnson 1999
Unknown Youngblood 2000

Female wrestlers[edit]

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Nicole Bass Nicole Bass 1999
Stacy Carter Lovely Stacy / Stacy Carter 1998–1999
Jacqueline Moore Jackie / Jacqueline 1998 [8][9]
Johnnie Mae Young Mrs. Stasiak 1999
Unknown Brianna Starr 1999
Unknown Danna Shepherd 1998 [8]
Unknown Paula Bunyan 1998 [8]
Unknown Samantha 1998 [9]
Unknown Vicious Vicki 1998

Stables and tag teams[edit]

Tag team/Stable(s) Members Tenure(s)
The Fabulous Ones Stan Lane and Steve Keirn 1999
The Fabulous Freebirds Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy 1999
The Godwinns Henry O. Godwinn and Phineas I. Godwinn 1998
Kings Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee 1998–1999
The Masked Thugs Masked Thug #1 and Masked Thug #2 1998
The New Midnight Express Bombastic Bob and Bodacious Bart 1998
The Regulators Deon Harlem and Rob Harlem 2000
The Rock 'n' Roll Express Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson 1998
Suicide Blondes Jason Lee and Derrick King 1999–2000
Too Much Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher 1999

Managers and valets[edit]

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Brandon Baxter Brandon Baxter 1998–2001 [8][9]
Jim Cornette Jim Cornette 1998–2000 [9]
Randy Hales Randy Hales 1998–2000
Bruno Lauer Downtown Bruno 1998–1999
Bruce Prichard Bruce Prichard 1999
Unknown Miss Veronica 1998 [9]

Commentators and interviewers[edit]

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Dave Brown Dave Brown 1998-2001 [9][10]
Corey Maclin Corey Maclin 1998-2001 [9]

Other personnel[edit]

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Brandon Baxter Brandon Baxter 1998–2001 Booker
Randy Hales Randy Hales 1998–2001 Promoter and Booker

Buddy Wayne. Live Event Promoter

Tony Falk. Producer and Agent [4][12][13]

^ Indicates they are deceased.
^ Indicates they died while they were employed with Power Pro Wrestling.
WWF ^ Indicates they were part of a talent exchange with the World Wrestling Federation.


Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship[edit]

The PPW Heavyweight Championship was the top title contested for in the Power Pro Wrestling (later Memphis Power Pro Wrestling).[14]

Champion # Date Location Notes
Baldo 1 January 29, 1999 Memphis, Tennessee Beat Jerry Lawler in a tournament final to become the first champion.
Michael Hayes 1 March 7, 1999 Jonesboro, Arkansas Won the title by pinning Baldo in a tag team match, with Hayes teaming with Brandon Baxter against Randy Hales & Baldo.
J.R. Smooth 1 May 8, 1999 Memphis, Tennessee
Kurt Angle 1 July 24, 1999 Memphis, Tennessee
Steve Bradley 1 August 7, 1999 Memphis, Tennessee
Vic Grimes 1 September 18, 1999 Memphis, Tennessee
Steve Bradley 2 September 25, 1999 Memphis, Tennessee
Rico Constantino 1 December 4, 1999 Memphis, Tennessee
Steve Bradley 3 January 15, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee
Ali 1 January 19, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee
Wolfie D 1 April 8, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee
Vacant May 27, 2000 Wolfie D was stripped because he couldn't defend the title.
Wolfie D 2 May 27, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee Beat Ali for the vacant title.
Spellbinder 1 July 2, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee
Steven Bradley 4 January 13, 2001 Corinth, MS Also holds the Memphis Championship Wrestling Southern Heavyweight Championship.
Pete Gas March 17, 2001 Pete Gas was stripped when Power Pro Wrestling ends its affiliation with World Wrestling Federation because Gas is under contract to WWF.
Promotion closes in April 2001

Power Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship[edit]

The PPW Tag Team Championship was a title contended for in the Power Pro Wrestling later Memphis Power Pro Wrestling promotion.[15]

Team # Date Location Notes
Billy Travis & Bulldog Raines 1 July 21, 1998 Memphis, Tennessee Beat The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) in a tournament final to become champions.
Vacant Title vacant in early 1999
Kid Wikkid & Derrick King 1 March 7, 1999 Jonesboro, Arkansas Won a tournament for the vacant title.
Vacant March 19, 1999 Memphis, Tennessee Vacant after a match between Wikkid & King and Erin O'Grady & Vic Grimes.
Erin O'Grady & Vic Grimes 1 March 20, 1999 Memphis, Tennessee Defeated Kid Wikkid & Derrick King in a rematch.
Kid Wikkid & Derrick King 2 April 3, 1999 Jonesboro, Arkansas
Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee 1 April 17, 1999 Memphis, Tennessee Lawler won the belts in a handicap match when Dundee no showed.
Glenn Kulka & Mic Tierney 1 October 2, 1999 This was a phantom title change. The title became vacant after Bill Dundee left the company.
Vacant Titles became vacant in November 1999 when Kulka left the promotion.
Derrick King (3) & Jason Lee 1 January 22, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee Beat Tony Falk & Blade and Bulldog Raines & Robbie D in a triple threat match tournament final.
Wolfie D 1 January 29, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee Wins handicap match.
Derrick King (4) & Moondog Spot 1 March 18, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee
The Regulators (Deon & Rob Harlem) 1 April 8, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee Beat Derrick King in a handicap match.
Deactivated March 17, 2001 The Regulators is stripped of the titles because the promotion closed.

Power Pro Wrestling Television Championship[edit]

The PPW Television title was a secondary championship contested for in Power Pro Wrestling/Memphis Power Pro Wrestling.[16]

Champion # Date Location Notes
Blade 1 March 25, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee Won a Battle royal to become the first champion.
Khan 1 June 24, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee
Bulldog Raines 1 December 2, 2000 Memphis, Tennessee
RodRageous 1 January 27, 2001 Memphis, Tennessee
Grandmaster Sexay 1 February 21, 2001 Jonesboro, Arkansas This was a joint MCW/PPW/WWF event. Sexay substituted for K-Kwik.
RodRageous 2 February 24, 2001 Memphis, Tennessee
Vacant March 17, 2001 PPW ends relationship with WWF. RodRageous is stripped because he is under contract with WWF.

Power Pro Wrestling Young Guns Championship[edit]

The PPW Young Guns title was a secondary championship contested for in Power Pro Wrestling/Memphis Power Pro Wrestling.[17]

Power Pro Wrestling Hardcore Championship[edit]

The PPW Hardcore title was a secondary championship contested for in Power Pro Wrestling/Memphis Power Pro Wrestling.[18]

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