Power Rangers Jungle Fury

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Power Rangers Jungle Fury
PR Jungle Fury logo.png
Directed by Mark Beesley
Charlie Haskell
Vanessa Alexander
Mike Smith
Jonathan Brough
Luke Robinson
Starring Jason Smith
Aljin Abella
Anna Hutchison
David de Lautour
Nikolai Nikolaeff
Sarah Thomson
Bede Skinner
Holly Shanahan
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 32 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Bruce Kalish
Koichi Sakamoto
Producer(s) Sally Campbell
Charles Knight
Jackie Marchand
Location(s) New Zealand and Japan
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) BVS Entertainment
Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
Toei Company, Ltd.
Ranger Productions, Ltd.
Distributor Saban Brands
MarVista Entertainment
Original channel Toon Disney (Jetix)
ABC (ABC Kids) (reruns)
Original release February 18, 2008 (2008-02-18) – November 3, 2008 (2008-11-03)
Preceded by Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Followed by Power Rangers RPM

Power Rangers Jungle Fury is the sixteenth season in the American children's television series Power Rangers. Toy merchandising in the U.S. began in November 2007 and the show premiered on February 18, 2008, and uses footage from Juken Sentai Gekiranger, the thirty-first Japanese Super Sentai series.[1][2][3] Jungle Fury is broadcast on Toon Disney's Jetix programming block and ABC Kids[4] in the United States. It is also the final Power Rangers series to air on Jetix, as well as Toon Disney.[5]


For over 10,000 years, a spirit of pure evil known as Dai Shi has been locked away and safely guarded by the Pai Zhua (pronounced pie-shwah), "Order of the Claw", a secretive Kung Fu clan. Recently, the Pai Zhua selected their three top members, Jarrod, Theo and Lily, to become the new guardians of Dai Shi, but Jarrod turned out to be a bad choice and Casey, a rookie (or "cub"), was to take his place. In anger, Jarrod attacked Master Mao, knocking over the vessel containing Dai Shi's essence. It accidentally opened, and Dai Shi kills Master Mao and takes over Jarrod's body. The trio were sent to the city of Ocean Bluff to find a new master, who turned out to be a man named RJ, and he gave them the special gift to become Power Rangers. They alone are the Earth's only hope to stop Dai Shi, who is doing everything, and anything that he can, along with his loyal minion Camille and an army of undead warriors, the Rinshi, so he can take over the world and have animals rule. R.J. later joins their ranks as the Wolf Ranger. Eventually, Dai Shi is driven from Jarrod and brings back all his fallen warriors from the spirit world. The Rangers then release three ancient Pai Zhua masters to destroy the evil forces led by Dai Shi. In the end, all of the masters appear in their original animal forms and use their powers to destroy the monsters and Dai Shi, and all of them and their minions are finished off in a thrilling climax.


Jungle Rangers





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