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Power Rangers Time Force

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Power Rangers Time Force
Created by
Based onMirai Sentai Timeranger by Toei Company
Developed by
ShowrunnerJudd Lynn
Directed by
Theme music composer
  • Jeremy Sweet
  • Jasan Radford
Country of origin
  • United States
  • Japan
Original languageEnglish
No. of episodes40
Executive producers
ProducerJonathan Tzachor
Production locationsCalifornia (Santa Clarita & Los Angeles)
Japan (Greater Tokyo Area (Tokyo, Saitama, Yokohama)) and Kyoto)
CinematographyIlan Rosenberg
Sean McLin (2nd unit)
Running time20 minutes
Production companies
Original release
NetworkFox (Fox Kids)
ReleaseFebruary 3 (2001-02-03) –
November 17, 2001 (2001-11-17)

Power Rangers Time Force is a television series and the ninth season of the Power Rangers franchise, based on the 24th Super Sentai series Mirai Sentai Timeranger, running for 40 half-hour episodes from February to November 2001.[1][2] It was the last season to be distributed by Saban Entertainment.

Originally, a Time Force film was planned,[3] but ultimately went unproduced in light of the commercial failure of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie and the purchase of the franchise by Disney. However, Buena Vista Home Entertainment did release the series' final four episodes as a film-length home video in 2002 entitled The End of Time. A video game based on the series was released in November 2001 for PlayStation, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.


In the year 3000, Time Force is a police agency that deals with the crimes of mutants, outcasts of society who have developed super powers. Ransik, one of the most dangerous of the mutants, is arrested and sentenced to life for his crimes including murder and the plan to travel back in time to take over the world. However, after sentencing, he escapes and manages to go back in time to 2001, but kills Alex Drake, the Red Time Force Ranger, in the process. Alex's fiancée Jen Scotts, as well as Time Force members Lucas Kendall, Katie Walker, and Trip Regis, decide to break protocol and go back in time after Ransik. However, upon arriving in 2001, they find that the rest of their Chrono Morphers are locked, and cannot be used until someone with Alex's DNA uses the Red Ranger morpher. To that end, they travel to the town of Silver Hills, Washington, and find Alex's ancestor Wes Collins, the son of billionaire tech businessman Albert Collins, who unlocks the Morphers and then helps them battle Ransik's army of mutants as the Time Force Power Rangers. However, Wes does not initially see eye-to-eye with Jen, who is still upset over Alex's death.

As Ransik continues his quest for total domination of Earth, archaeologists discover a box that, unknown to them, contains the Quantum Ranger Morpher and powers. Both Ransik and the Rangers are well aware of its contents, and make attempts to retrieve it. This leads to the team crossing paths with the Silver Guardians, a private security force organized by Wes's father to make a profit protecting the city's wealthy citizens, and the box eventually falls into the hands of Silver Guardians member, Eric Myers, Wes' old rival from prep school. Eric activates the power, and becomes the Quantum Ranger. Eric, however, becomes cocky and irresponsible with his power, forcing Wes and the Rangers to at first, try to get it back from him; however, Eric soon learns the responsibility of using the Quantum Powers and becomes the leader of the Silver Guardians as the Quantum Ranger, and eventually becomes an ally to the Rangers.

Eventually, the Rangers begin receiving help from an unseen ally from the future in the form of the Time Shadow Megazord. Soon, this ally arrives in 2001 and reveals himself to be Alex, stating that he is alive because something the Rangers have done in the present has altered the future, and that he has returned to fix it. Alex reveals to Wes what was meant to happen in the original timeline and encourages him to take action to set it right. Wes reluctantly agrees, and relinquishes control of his Morpher to Alex so he can take care of his father's business while his father lays gravely injured in the hospital after being attacked by Ransik. Alex then briefly leads the team, but his relationship with the Rangers becomes strained when they realize Alex has changed. Alex eventually realizes that Wes is the true Red Ranger and having destroyed his relationship with Jen, returns the Morpher and returns to the future, but not before he uses future tech to heal Wes's father.

When Ransik makes his final assault on Earth, with a powerful army in large amounts, Alex orders the Rangers to return to the future, for fear that if they hesitate, they may not be able to return at all. Wes, however, would have to remain behind, since he's not from 3000. The Rangers refuse, and fight Ransik alongside Wes, who, knowing his friends can't stay, forces them into returning to 3000, leaving only himself and Eric to stop Ransik, or die trying. When the Rangers return to the future, they learn that Silver Hills was saved, but Wes died in the process. The Rangers are ordered to have their minds erased of their memories from 2001, and encouraged to resume their lives. Angered, Jen returns Alex's engagement ring, and the Rangers return to 2001 to help Wes and Eric. During the final battle, Ransik accidentally injures his daughter Nadira and, ashamed that his hatred of humans almost costed him the one person he cared about, surrenders to the Rangers. Right before the Rangers return Ransik and Nadira to the future, Wes and Jen, having soothed over their initially rocky relationship, profess their love for one another. As the Rangers depart, Wes's father states that he will be offering the Silver Guardians' services for free now, and offers to let Wes lead them. Wes accepts, on the condition that Eric co-leads the Guardians with him, which he accepts, and Wes brings the series to a close with a final remark. "I think the future looks pretty bright."

Cast and characters[edit]

Time Force Rangers

  • Jason Faunt as Wesley "Wes" Collins, the present-day Red Time Force Ranger who shares leadership duties with Jen.
    • Jason Faunt also portrays Alex Drake, Wesley's descendant and future Red Time Force Ranger.
  • Michael Copon as Lucas Kendall, the Blue Time Force Ranger.
  • Kevin Kleinberg as Trip Regis, the Green Time Force Ranger.
  • Deborah Estelle Philips as Katie Walker, the Yellow Time Force Ranger.
  • Erin Cahill as Jennifer "Jen" Scotts, the Pink Time Force Ranger and the leader of the team.
  • Daniel Southworth as Eric Myers, the Quantum Ranger and the leader of the Silver Guardians.

Supporting characters

  • Edward Laurence Albert as Mr. Collins, Wes' billionaire father, CEO of Bio-Lab, and founder of the Silver Guardians.
  • Brianne Siddall as the voice of Circuit, a robotic owl and ally of the Time Force Rangers who serves as their technical advisor.
  • Douglas Fisher as Phillips, The Collins' butler
  • Roy Werner as Captain Logan, the supervisor to the Time Force Rangers.
  • Ken Merckx as Dr. Michael Zaskin, a scientist at Bio-Lab.


Guest stars


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
3791"Force from the Future"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandFebruary 3, 2001 (2001-02-03)
3802February 10, 2001 (2001-02-10)
1000 years in the future, a notorious mutant criminal named Ransik is captured and sentenced to be cryogenically frozen. But he escapes as he and his followers Nadira and Frax make their way to a time ship where they take control of the prison before they can cryogenically freeze the criminal Gluto. Alex, the Red Time Force Ranger, tries to stop them, but Ransik kills him and escapes to the past. Alex dies in his fiance Jen's arms and she takes his Red Chrono Morpher. Jen, Katie, Lucas, and Trip grab the Chrono Morphers and follow Ransik into the past. The four land in the city of Silver Hills in the year 2001. When they find Ransik, Nadira, Frax, and Gluto, the Rangers discover that they cannot morph. Alex's DNA is the key to unlocking the other four morphers. Sadly, the four can't find someone who shares Alex's DNA and start giving up until they find someone who looks identical to Alex. Jen talks to him, but he refuses to believe that Jen is from the future. Jen, disappointed, walks back to the others. Ransik launches his first attack, but it doesn't go well since the Rangers can't morph. The man, Wesley Collins, comes to help and takes the Red Chrono Morpher, allowing Jen, Trip, Katie, and Lucas to morph into the Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, and Blue Time Force Rangers. In the end, Jen takes the morpher back from Wes, stating that they don't need his help.
3813"Something to Fight For"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandFebruary 17, 2001 (2001-02-17)
Wes witnesses a bank robbery by some mutants and tries to help. The Rangers arrive and Jen tells him that he is not fighting and doubts that Wes has ever done anything to help anyone other than himself. Later, Trip tells Wes about Alex and the future. Wes and Jen talk, and a mutant attacks the city. Jen offers Wes another chance to prove himself by giving him Alex's morpher. After the battle, Wes offers the morpher back to Jen, but Jen says he's earned it.
3824"Ransik Lives"Kaizo HayashiJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandFebruary 24, 2001 (2001-02-24)
Wes offers the Rangers a place to stay; a clock tower that his father owns. They set up the clock tower as their home, and Wes helps them blend into the present. While Wes and Jen get some food, a businessman walks in and notices an old sign on the clock tower entrance, advertising odd jobs. He hires Wes and Jen for some painting at a news station. Ransik attacks the news station, broadcasts his demands for Silver Hills to surrender or be destroyed, and captures Wes. He tells Wes about how he was treated in the future, causing Wes to have some doubts.
3835"A Blue Streak"Kaizo HayashiJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandMarch 3, 2001 (2001-03-03)
Wes allows Lucas to drive his sports car, unaware that Lucas is a race car driver. He is cited by the police officer and must get a 2001 driver's license. A mutant with a knack for speed leads Lucas on a chase during his driving exam. Meanwhile, Trip breaks out the Vector Cycles.
3846"A Parting of Ways"Worth KeeterJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandMarch 10, 2001 (2001-03-10)
Ransik sends a mutant kidnapper to capture a busload of children and holds them for a $10 million ransom. While the Rangers try to locate the children and free them, Wes asks his father help pay the ransom, but his father refuses. Wes tricks a business client of his father into giving him a check, and offers the money to Nadira and the mutants, but they refuse to release the hostages. Thus, Wes ended up taking the money back from Nadira and helps the other Rangers save the kids and defeat the mutant. When Wes comes home with the money, his father is angry. The press finds out about the money and thinks that Mr. Collins has donated it willingly to free the hostages. Wes tells them that Mr. Collins' idea to donate the money to charity before telling his father that he does not want any part of his father's business anymore. Wes goes to the Clock Tower and asks the Rangers if he can move in with them; they welcome him home.
3857"Short-Circuited"Worth KeeterJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandMarch 17, 2001 (2001-03-17)
Nadira watches as Circuit helps the Rangers in battle. Realizing that Circuit summons the Time Force Megazord, Nadira hatches a plan to keep Circuit from assisting them by summoning Medicon. Meanwhile, Trip uses his Gem to read Lucas' mind during a card game with Wes and is forbidden from using his Gem for a day. While taking a walk with Circuit, Trip rescues a woman being chased by Cyclobots, and the woman turns out to be Nadira, who takes advantage of Trip's good nature and kidnaps Circuit. She then has Medicon rewire Circuit. When the mutant attacks the city and grows giant, Wes attempts to communicate with Circuit to summon their Time Flyers but cannot. Trip then told the other Rangers that Circuit had been kidnapped by Nadira, unable to call the Time Force Megazord. Lucas tells Trip that it's okay to use his powers and orders him to search for Circuit. Will he find Circuit in time?
3868"Jen's Revenge"Koichi SakamotoJudd LynnMarch 24, 2001 (2001-03-24)
Jen tracks down Fatcatfish, a mutant that she's encountered before, and she wants to kill him for personal reasons.
3879"The Time Shadow"Koichi SakamotoJudd LynnMarch 31, 2001 (2001-03-31)
Mr. Collins' company develops the Raimei Destroyer, an armored tank to defend itself against Ransik's attacks. But it's no match for the robot Tronicon who was created by Frax using a Trixyrium Crystal (which shouldn't be invented for 100 years). With the Rangers' Megazord unavailable after being too badly damaged in their last battle with the mutant Izout, all hope seems lost. But in the future, a mysterious figure helps out and sends them the Time Shadow Megazord.
38810"Future Unknown"Judd LynnJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandApril 7, 2001 (2001-04-07)
The Rangers try to find some 21st Century weapons to help them. They discover that some technology was developed as a result of Ransik's attacks. Consequently, the future has been altered. This creates doubts for Katie, who starts to question their reasons for being at this time. Now, each Ranger must find their own motivation for stopping Frax' newest mutant, which he unleashed from the X-Vault (a secret storage area where only the most dangerous mutants are kept) in the city after being berated by Ransik for his use of Tronicon.
38911"Uniquely Trip"Judd LynnJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandApril 14, 2001 (2001-04-14)
Trip begins to feel like he's not contributing to the Rangers. He tries to emulate the others, but ends up causing more problems. As Ransik releases a mutant who feeds off electricity, Trip realizes how he helps the team in their battles and finishes building a new weapon; the Electro Booster.
39012"Worlds Apart"Isaac FlorentineJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandApril 21, 2001 (2001-04-21)
While driving to work, Mr. Collins spots Wes and his friends picking up trash. Mr. Collins tells his son how bitterly disappointed he is in him. The Silver Guardians arrive as Nadira and some Cyclobots attack a business. The Rangers, in their civilian guise, watch as the Guardians easily handle the Cyclobots. One of the Guardians, Eric Meyers, spots Wes. Eric talks to Wes, and it turns out that they went to the same Prep School. Frax unleashes another mutant from the X-Vault, and the Silver Guardians arrive. However, they can't handle him. The Rangers show up, and Wes takes a shot intended for the Guardian's commander, damaging Wes' helmet. Mr. Collins and Eric realize that Wes is the Red Ranger. Mr. Collins tries to talk to Wes to join the Silver Guardians, but Wes refuses and charges off into battle.
39113"The Quantum Quest"Isaac FlorentineJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandApril 28, 2001 (2001-04-28)
On an excavation, some researchers discover a metallic artifact. As word of the discovery spreads, Ransik recognizes the object as the Quantum Controller and unleashes a mutant to get it for him. Circuit also recognizes the artifact. The Rangers try to recover it before it falls into the wrong hands. As the Rangers fight the mutant, Eric manages to take the controller and hides it away. He then tries to become the Guardian's new leader but is turned down. When he eventually goes back to where the controller is, the mutant attacks again. As the Rangers fight the mutant, Wes tries to convince Eric to give up the controller, but he ignores him and activates the Quantum Controller, becoming the Quantum Ranger in the process.
39214"Clash for Control"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandMay 5, 2001 (2001-05-05)
39315May 12, 2001 (2001-05-12)
Even without the Quantum Morpher, Ransik wants to possess the Quantasaurus Rex, the Quantum Ranger's Zord. He sends Commandocon to retrieve it. The Rangers try to talk Eric into giving up the morpher, but he refuses. They witness a time portal opening, realizing they're after the Q-Rex, Eric summons the Eagle flyer - with Wes jumping on board - and enters the portal to the past, where Wes & Eric try to locate the Q-Rex. Unfortunately, Commandocon gets to it first, takes control, and journeys back with it to the 21st century. Eric and Wes follow him through the time portal. The Q-Rex is rampaging in the city. The Rangers need the Quantum Morpher to get control of the Q-Rex. While Wes tries to talk to Eric, Mr. Collins makes the other Rangers an offer to join the Silver Guardians; with his company, they could defeat Ransik faster.
39416"Bodyguard in Blue"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandMay 19, 2001 (2001-05-19)
Dr. Michael Zaskin, one of Bio-Lab's scientists, tries to unlock the secrets of the Quantum morpher, and is kidnapped. His daughter, Holly, escapes and tries to hire Lucas as her bodyguard. Lucas is hesitant but then finds out who her father is. While the other Rangers rescue Zaskin, Lucas protects Holly.
39517"The Legend of the Clock Tower"Yoshi HosoyaJudd LynnMay 19, 2001 (2001-05-19)
The Rangers try to fix the clock in the tower but have no luck. Wes tells them about a ghost that is supposed to inhabit the tower. That night, Katie hears a noise and she investigates. She finds herself in the past and meets the people from Wes' story. With her help, there's a different ending. Then, she wakes up because of a mutant attack. After the battle, she tells her friends about her dream and how the end changed, but Wes corrects her and says that's how he had told it, leaving her wondering if it was a dream.
39618"Trust and Triumph"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandJune 2, 2001 (2001-06-02)
Jen tells Wes to guard the back of a bank so the Rangers can cut off Nadira's escape route. However, the Silver Guardians show up, and Wes tries to deal with them, which gave Nadira a chance to escape. Jen is upset with Wes and says she can't trust him. Meanwhile, Turtlecon attacks and sends the Rangers to a different dimension, and after a short battle with their duplicate Rangers, Wes and Jen escape. They have to learn to trust each other if they want to rescue their friends.
39719"Trip Takes a Stand"Isaac FlorentineJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandJune 9, 2001 (2001-06-09)
Frax releases Notacon only to find out that he's a gentle mutant. Frax attaches a device to Notacon to control him, but he escapes. In the city, people are afraid of Notacon due to his appearance. Trip finds him and learns that he was frozen for stealing vegetables because he was hungry, but only did so because he was discriminated against, and he now desires to go back into the vault. However, Eric shows up wanting to kill Notacon out of prejudice, and is willing to do almost anything to accomplish his goal. Trip must stand up to Frax and Eric to save Notacon and send him back to containment.
39820"Quantum Secrets"Makoto YokoyamaJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandJune 16, 2001 (2001-06-16)

As researchers work on unlocking the secrets of the Quantum Morpher, Ransik releases Conwing to take control of the Q-Rex. Conwing captures Eric, takes his morpher, and replicates Eric's voice, which lets him take control of the Q-Rex. Eric finds out where the morpher comes from. The Rangers show up and try to help, but Eric wants to handle it alone. He suddenly gets some help from the future and uses the Mega Battle Armor. Will Eric reveal the Ranger's secrets?

Note: This episode is dedicated to the memory of Minoru Uchiyama, who was the costume designer and makeup artist for various Super Sentai series.
39921"The Last Race"Isaac FlorentineJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandJuly 7, 2001 (2001-07-07)
Lucas is ticketed for reckless driving (despite his teammates causing it) and is required to attend traffic school. Nadira releases Dash, a former racing champion, to be her driver. The Rangers arrive, Dash and Lucas recognize each other. Dash caused a massive accident while street racing and Lucas had to testify against him. Dash challenges him to one last race. If Lucas wins, he promises to accept responsibility for his actions and turn himself in. However, Nadira has other plans for him. Ultimately, Dash stops the race when he crashed Lucas' traffic school driving exam when he nearly causes another accident, but Nadira forces him to fight. He is defeated and willingly surrenders but asks Lucas to be the one who refreezes him, which he does.
40022"Lovestruck Rangers"Worth KeeterJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandJune 23, 2001 (2001-06-23)
The male Rangers all seem to be attracted to the same girl for different reasons. When it starts to cause friction in the team, Jen orders them to stop seeing her. Hearing that Wes missed a job, Jen tracks him down and finds that he's still seeing the same girl, who it turns out is a mutant named Contemptra. Now, it's up to Jen and Katie to free their teammates from her influence. Jen breaks the mutant's control bracelet, and the Rangers capture her.
40123"Full Exposure"Worth KeeterJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandJuly 14, 2001 (2001-07-14)
A photographer working for a tabloid is given a new assignment to take pictures of the Rangers in their civilian guise. He needs help carrying his equipment and hires Katie to help him. His first attempt fails, and Katie manages to warn the others. Katie sticks with him so she can keep tabs on him. Meanwhile, Artillicon attacks again, and the Rangers attack backfires, resulting in them reverting to their civilian identities. As the photographer prepares to sell his pictures, Katie tries to talk him out of it.
40224"Movie Madness"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandJuly 21, 2001 (2001-07-21)
40325July 28, 2001 (2001-07-28)
The Rangers find out that a movie is being filmed nearby. Jen initially refuses to go, but then she learns that it's starring her favorite movie star, Frankie Chan. The Rangers watch the filming, and when a stuntman is injured, Wes volunteers to replace him. As Wes films his fight scene, he soon realizes that the action is way too real. Cinecon then reveals his trap and sends the Rangers to different dimensions where they're trapped inside their favorite movie genres. During the battle with Cinecon, Circuit tries to get Eric to help, but Eric gets sent into a Jungle movie. Wes and Trip figure a way to free everyone. They appear on set, and the Cyclobots give chase. Cinecon puts the Rangers in their Megazord and summons the Q-Rex. He wants to destroy all the Rangers, even summoning the Transwarp Megazord from the future. Everything has been written for Cinecon's movie "End of the Rangers," but the Rangers' chances of finding another ending seemed slim, when Trip reveals he stole the last page of the script. Without it, the Rangers can write their ending, using their Megazords to defeat Cinecon and refreeze him.
40426"Time Force Traitor"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandAugust 4, 2001 (2001-08-04)
A former Time Force officer named Steelix seeks revenge on Jen for getting him locked up. He steals her morpher, fights her on her own, then turns her insane. Wes breaks Jen out of the spell, and all of the Rangers defeat Steelix.
40527"Frax's Fury"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandAugust 11, 2001 (2001-08-11)
Frax unleashes Venomark in the city. Venomark attacks the Rangers, and everyone but Wes falls victim to his bite. Ransik finds out that Venomark has been freed and goes after him since Venomark attacked him in the future. This attack led to him being nursed by Dr. Lou Ferricks before leaving him for dead. Now, Ransik wants revenge. Wes notices Ransik taking serum to fight off the effects of Venomark's poison and gets a sample to his father so that they can mass-produce a cure for everyone affected. The Rangers defeat Venomark, and the cure is distributed to everyone. Frax's real identity is revealed to be Dr. Ferricks as he reveals to Ransik that he was the one who almost killed him, as Frax destroys all of Ransik's medicine.
40628"Dawn of Destiny"Worth KeeterJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandAugust 18, 2001 (2001-08-18)
Wes explains to Jen that the serum was replicated thanks to Bio-Lab, and Jen warns him to get his father to call off making any more, as allowing Bio-Lab to continue mass-producing the serum may cause the future to be altered. Unfortunately, Wes' father refuses, and Ransik sends a new mutant, Severax, to launch an attack, while hunting down Frax along the way. Since all of his medicine was destroyed, he goes to Bio-Lab and almost kills Wes' father in the process. In the end, Jen mentions that if they don't stop Ransik soon, the entire future will change. Then, a figure from Time Force arrives, saying that it has already changed. He reveals himself to be Alex.
40729"Fight Against Fate"Worth KeeterJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandAugust 25, 2001 (2001-08-25)
As Albert Collins lies gravely injured in the hospital, Alex takes his morpher back from Wes, telling him that his destiny to run his father's company is set in stone, and that Albert will die tomorrow. Alex leads the Rangers in a battle against Frax's new powerful robot called Dragontron. However, his attitude and leadership style creates friction within the group.
40830"Destiny Defeated"Worth KeeterJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandSeptember 8, 2001 (2001-09-08)
Alex's leadership has created friction as the other Rangers disapprove his methods. They try to fight Frax's machine, to no avail. Wes has taken over his father's company but hates it, and Eric contemplates leaving the city. Later, Wes learns from Dr. Zaskin (who was there when his father got attacked and overheard him) that his father was proud of him making his way and wanted him to remain with the Rangers. He goes back to the clock tower and thinks of his life as a Ranger. Meanwhile, the Time Force Megazord is immobilized, and Alex orders the team to fight on, claiming that they don't care about the future. The Rangers start arguing with Alex, telling him that they preferred Wes as the Red Ranger; Alex has lost Jen's support. Wes arrives and helps his friends, and Jen convinces Alex to give the morpher back to Wes. With Wes in command, the Rangers battle the robot with the Time Force Megazord Mode Red. With help from the Q-Rex, the Rangers enact a crazy plan Wes comes up with, and Dragontron is destroyed. Mr. Collins nearly dies, but Alex saves him with future technology. Alex returns to the future, finally accepting Wes' role as red ranger, and his point of view that everyone chooses their own destiny.
40931"Undercover Rangers"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandSeptember 15, 2001 (2001-09-15)
After Alex leaves, Jen realizes that she has feelings for someone else due to his change in personality. Meanwhile, Katie and Trip witness the owner of a new fitness club giving an individual some juice and is amazed when he displays superhuman strength. Wes and Jen go undercover at the club to see if anything is going on. When Jen winds up in peril, Alex contacts Wes and gives him the Strata Cycle.
41032"Beware the Knight"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandSeptember 22, 2001 (2001-09-22)
While returning to the Clock Tower with pizza, Trip is attacked by a mysterious black knight on a horse, who then vanishes into the forest. The knight is after something that is guarded by a dragon—the Battle Fire.
41133"Time for Lightspeed"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandSeptember 29, 2001 (2001-09-29)
Vypra aligns with Ransik to release a super demon named Quarganon to destroy the world. The Time Force Rangers team up with the Lightspeed Rangers to combat this threat.
Guest Stars: Michael Chaturantabut, Rhett Fisher, Sean Cw Johnson, Alison MacInnis, Keith Robinson, Sasha Williams and Jennifer L. Yen.
41234"Reflections of Evil"Jonathan TzachorJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandOctober 6, 2001 (2001-10-06)
A mutant named Miracon transports the Rangers into a mirror world, where the Rangers must escape by destroying new and old mutant enemies.
41335"Nadira's Dream Date"Worth KeeterJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandOctober 13, 2001 (2001-10-13)
Lucas writes a romantic poem about his first love; his first racecar. During a battle against Ransik's forces, he unknowingly drops it, and Nadira picks it up, believing that Lucas has romantic feelings for her. When Ransik learns about this, he warns Lucas him to treat his daughter right or face his wrath. Thanks to the other Rangers on the second date, Ransik dispatches Chameliacon to destroy Lucas.
41436"Circuit Unsure"Worth KeeterJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandOctober 20, 2001 (2001-10-20)

The Rangers ask Circuit about historical events. Realizing that Circuit has access to events up to their own time, they ask Circuit about upcoming events. But someone in the future does not want them to find out and prevents Circuit from revealing the information. Thinking that he malfunctioned, Circuit loses confidence, just as a mutant named Serpicon leads an attack on the Silver Hills Space Center. Serpicon leads Cyclobots into taking hostages and setting the building to self-destruct. Ultimately, it comes down to Circuit to help deactivate the self-destruct sequence, but he lacks the self-confidence to do so until Alex contacts him and reveals that the Rangers must not know the future, and he acted to prevent them from finding out. Once the self-destruct sequence is deactivated, Serpicon grows and Eric summons the Q-Rex. Circuit gets badly damaged and can't call for the Time Force Megazord. The Rangers summon the Time Jet which helps the Q-Rex defeat Serpicon. Afterward, Circuit is repaired, but lies and says that the future will be fine.

This episode was dedicated to Thuy Trang, who died in a car accident on September 3, 2001. She played Trini Kwan in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from 1993 to 1994.
41537"A Calm Before the Storm"Worth KeeterJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandOctober 27, 2001 (2001-10-27)
With Ransik's mutants depleted, the Rangers ponder their past and future as Rangers. However, Mr. Collins begins to perfect Trixyrium Crystals, and Wes convinces him to not make them to avoid altering the future. Meanwhile, Frax's new robot, Max Axe, terrorizes the city as Ransik hears about it. Max Axe is destroyed by Eric and the Q-Rex. Watching from afar, Ransik orders Gluto to find Frax.
41638"The End of Time"Koichi SakamotoJudd Lynn & Jackie MarchandNovember 3, 2001 (2001-11-03)
41739November 10, 2001 (2001-11-10)
41840November 17, 2001 (2001-11-17)

Ransik prepares to attack the city. Alex orders the Time Force Rangers to return to the future, as the Trixyrium Crystals are causing temporal disruptions, telling them that if they don't leave now, they might not be able to return to their own time. The Rangers refuse and try to prevent the attack. Wes knows that his friends can't stay in the present and has a plan to send them back. Wes forces the other Rangers back to their own time with the plan to fight to the death to save the city, making him and Eric responsible for defending it. Meanwhile, Gluto finds where Frax is hiding and informs Ransik. While apprehending Frax, Ransik sees his latest robot, Doomtron, and plans to make one final use of Frax. Meanwhile, Nadira learns the value of humanity when she and Trip help deliver a baby.

In the future, the Rangers discover what happened; the city was ultimately saved, but Wes lost his life fighting for it. They're ordered to have their minds erased of their adventures to adjust back to their lives in their own time. However, they're unwilling to give up their memories and decide to go back to help Wes. Jen gives Alex back her engagement ring, and breaks up with him, but not without Alex telling the Rangers how to go back to 2001. Eric gets injured, so Wes is left alone to fight the Cyclobot army, armed with Eric's Quantum Morpher and Quantum Defender. Meanwhile, Ransik has Frax reprogrammed, so he no longer remembers anything about being human or being born as Dr. Ferricks, but not before he desperately tells Nadira that she doesn't have to hate humans. When she learns about Frax's brainwashing, she becomes disenchanted with her father's mission.

As the battle with Ransik's army rages on, the other Rangers arrive and temporarily disable Doomtrom. After the Rangers defeat the Cyclobot army, Wes, now in control of Q-Rex, neutralizes its Trixyrium Crystal with the Quantum Defender, stopping the time disruptions and allowing him to use it on Doomtron and Frax, destroying them both. Nadira mourns Frax' death, but Ransik berates her and pushes her aside. The Rangers then battle Ransik but are overpowered. During the fight, Ransik accidentally shoots Nadira, who was protecting a baby after changing her opinion on humans, and uses the baby to convince Ransik that humans aren't so bad. Ransik willingly surrenders to the Rangers, and the Rangers have to return to the future without Wes to their great sadness. Then, Wes and Jen confess their love for each other. With the other Rangers gone, Mr. Collins offers his son command of the Silver Guardians who will protect the city for free. Wes agrees as long as Eric is his co-commander, which he agrees to.

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Year Award Category Nominee Result
2002 29th Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Sound Mixing Chuck Buch and Edward F. Suski Nominated


Characters have been featured in Power Rangers comics published by Boom! Studios.

In 2018, the Time Force Rangers appeared in "Shattered Grid", a crossover event between teams from all eras commemorating the 25th anniversary of the original television series. It was published in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25-30 and various tie-ins.

In 2020, Power Rangers: Sins of the Future by Matthew Erman, Trey Moore and Giuseppe Cafaro was published.[4] An original graphic novel taking place after the events of the Power Rangers Time Force television series, it features Jen and Wes being pursued by a new antagonist: the Black Time Force Ranger.


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