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This article is about the Evangelical Christian Ministry. For the cartoon show, see The Power Team (TV series).

The Power Team is a group of Christian Evangelists, based in Dallas, Texas, who incorporate their preaching with displays of strength and martial arts skills. They were founded in the late 1970s by John Jacobs.[1] Their performances, usually taped at large megachurches, were broadcast on TBN and other Christian television stations in the United States in the late 1980s.


The Power Team often conducts performances in venues such as schools, to encourage audiences from outside church communities.[2] As performances in public schools could not discuss religion, these performances instead promote social responsibility and abstention from drugs and alcohol.[3] The group's promotional material indicated that it presented a "message that strengthens and restores the family."[4]

Power Team leader John Jacobs divorced his wife, Ruthanne in May 2000, which was followed by numerous members leaving the Power Team to form a new ministry, Team Impact.[4] In 2002 the Power Team filed for bankruptcy protection.[5]

TV appearances[edit]

In 1999, The Power Team portrayed themselves in "The Principal" episode of Walker, Texas Ranger to motivate a high school of wayward students.[6][7]

The Power Team briefly appeared in a July 22, 2008 episode of America's Got Talent performing stunts including running through 2x4s bursting into flames and running head and shoulders first into an 8-foot wall of ice. Host Piers Morgan remarked, "You must be bonkers." The team was not selected to go on to the semi-finals.[citation needed] They also appeared on The American Bible Challenge on GSN.


In 2004, an independent team of documentary filmmakers began filming The Power Team. The film, titled "Born Again: The Power Team Story", chronicles the 30-year history of the team, as well as the familial, emotional, spiritual and physical sacrifices they make to preach the gospel. Directed by Matthew Luem, produced by James L Reid & Scarlett Lam, filmed by Chaz Zelus, and written by Greg Fiering, the feature-length documentary was slated for release in 2015. However, as of October 2016, the film has not yet been released.


  • John Jacobs & The Power Team - 1990 Frontline Records, 1 hour VHS video (V09085)
  • John Jacobs & The Power Team - 1990 Frontline Records, CD (CD09085) & Cassette (C09085)


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