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A Power duo is a two-piece rock band that follows a similar blues rock style to a traditional power trio, and whose primary lineup consists of a drummer and a guitarist (such as Two Gallants, The White Stripes, Pressione Su Malta, Winnebago Deal, The Like Young, The Black Keys, Local H, Japandroids, No Age, Wye Oak, Giant Drag, The Rooster Blues, Blood Red Shoes, Jucifer, My Diablo, The Kills, and '68); a drummer and a bassist (such as Om, Death From Above 1979, Japanther, Lightning Bolt and Royal Blood); or a drummer and a keyboardist (such as One Day As a Lion, and Twenty One Pilots). In the case of power duos that utilize only an electric guitar and drums, the lack of a bass guitar can be overcome in different ways: Jack White of The White Stripes and Joe Ziemba of The Like Young use octave dividers and pitch shifters, although most of these effects are monophonic and will not work on chords; The Black Keys often have a bassist when performing live; Scott Lucas of Local H installed one half of a split bass pickup under the lower strings of his guitar and running the signal from it to an octave pedal and a bass amplifier; guitarists Brian King of Japandroids and Randy Randall of No Age split the guitar signal between multiple guitar amps (generally one for clean and another for effects), and a bass amp; drummers Andy Stack of Wye Oak and Micah Calabrese of Giant Drag simultaneously play synthesizers to fill in the gap.


The Power duo band format rose to prominence in the late 90s early 00s with bands like The White Stripes, Death From Above 1979, The Black Keys and The Kills popularising the style.