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A power gamer is someone who primarily plays computer games that place particularly high demands on the hardware, requiring the latest graphics card and a fast processor. Commercially sold systems may be specifically advertised as being for "power gamers", as opposed to the cheaper and more common systems used in office computing. Typically, power gamers regularly upgrade their machines to include the latest hardware, in expectance of more demanding games and to get even better performance out of existing ones.

A power gamer (sometimes "powergamer") can also be a player of role-playing games who focuses on making their characters as powerful as possible; see powergaming.

Life of a Power Gamer[edit]

Power gamers spend many hours a day playing games in order to upgrade their in-game characters as high as possible, as well as obtain the most powerful weapons and plenty of in-game money. The favourite game for power gamers are role playing games (RPG) due its long hours of gameplay and many alternative missions. Gamers tend to play any type of game for long periods of time in order to master the game completely. Power gamers are often mistaken for being a munchkin (role-playing games), players who find ways to cheat the game in order to bring characters to higher levels. When other players see high level characters they quickly assume they cheated because people regularly do not play video games in an intense manner. A power gamer follows the rules of the game and simply keeps playing longer than usual to gain more experience virtually as well as mentally. Some gamers become extremely attached to games that they are willing to sacrifice the enjoyment of playing to achieve the game's goals. Players become "overpowered", meaning the game no longer poses a challenge to the player. People often say that power gamers have no life because all they do is play video games and lack as social life. On the contrary, when power gamers spend playing online games they still are included in social activities such as conversing and playing with other players and perhaps other power gamers. Power gamers can be seen as one of the few people who live their lives online due to technology such as computers and gaming consoles.



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