Power of Eternity

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Power of Eternity
Power 175.jpg
Studio album by Wishbone Ash
Released 15 October 2007[1]
Genre Rock
Length 49:28
Label Talking Elephant
Producer Andy Powell & Wishbone Ash
Wishbone Ash chronology
Live in Hamburg
Power of Eternity

Power of Eternity[2] is twentieth studio album from rock band Wishbone Ash. It marks the first recording to feature the band's new drummer Joe Crabtree, who replaced previous drummer, longtime member Ray Weston, during the recording of the album.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "The Power" Ian Harris Muddy Manninen 5:48
2. "Driving a Wedge" Andy Powell Manninen 4:24
3. "In Crisis" Andy Powell Andy Powell, Manninen 6:35
4. "Dancing with the Shadows" Manninen Manninen 5:55
5. "Happiness" Andy Powell Andy Powell, Bob Skeat 4:24
6. "Northern Lights (Instrumental)"   Manninen 3:05
7. "Your Indulgence" Andy Powell Andy Powell 3:30
8. "Growing Up" Manninen Manninen 4:38
9. "Disappearing" Andy Powell Aynsley Powell 5:14
10. "Hope Springs Eternal" Andy Powell Andy Powell 5:55


Additional personnel
  • Miri Miettinen – percussion on "Northern Lights"
  • Aynsley Powell – rhythm guitar on "Disappearing"