Power of the Press

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This article is about Angelic Upstarts's album. For Frank Capra's 1928 silent film, see The Power of the Press. For the 1943 film, see Power of the Press (1943 film).
Power of the Press
Power of the Press.jpg
Studio album by Angelic Upstarts
Released 1986
Studio Wickham Studios, Croydon
Genre Punk rock, Oi!
Label Gas Music Limited Records
Producer Colin Peter
Angelic Upstarts chronology
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Power of the Press
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Power of the Press is Angelic Upstarts's seventh album, released in 1986.[1]

Track listing[1][edit]

All tracks composed by Thomas Mensforth and Brian Hayes; except where indicated Side A

  1. "I Stand Accused" (Mensforth, Derek Wade, Ray Cowie)
  2. "Nottingham Slag"
  3. "Joe Where Are You Now?" (Mensforth, Ronnie Rocker)
  4. "Soldier" (Harvey Andrews)
  5. "Empty Street"

Side A

  1. "Power of the Press" (Mensforth, Ronnie Rocker)
  2. "Stab in the Back"
  3. "Here I Come"
  4. "Thin Red Line" (Mensforth, Ronnie Rocker)
  5. "I'd Kill Her for Sixpence"
  6. "Greenfields of France" (Eric Bogle)


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