Power station Berlin-Wilmersdorf

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The chimneys of power station Berlin-Wilmersdorf

The power station Berlin-Wilmersdorf is a power plant which went into service in 1977 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

Construction of the facility, which belongs to the BEWAG, started in 1973.

At the time of construction, the three power engines are MS9001B gas turbines, manufactured in Belfort (France) by a cooperation between Alsthom and General Electric.

It has three blocks with a power of 110 megawatts, each equipped with a 102 metre high chimney. This very striking facility received an architectural prize in the 1980s.[citation needed] It is not located nearby a river and therefore must take its cooling water from underground. There was an explosion on January 2, 1992 in one of the blocks.[citation needed] It is run by Vattenfall Europe, a subdivision of Vattenfall.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°28′49″N 13°18′29″E / 52.48028°N 13.30806°E / 52.48028; 13.30806