Power to the People (Poison song)

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"Power to the People"
Single by Poison
from the album Power to the People
B-side Cant Bring Me Down
Released May 23, 2000
Format CD single, digital download
Genre Glam metal[1]
Length 3:20
Label Cyanide Records
Writer(s) Michaels; DeVille; Dall; Rockett
Producer(s) Bret Michaels
Poison singles chronology
"Be the One"
"Power to the People"
"The Last Song"

"Power to the People" is a song by American Rock band Poison released as a single on May 23, 2000, as the first single for the album Power to the People which was released on June 19, 2000. The song, described by AllMusic as awkward "rap-tinged alternative metal" lacking a good hook,[2] charted at number 166 on the Billboard 200 album chart.[3] The song features a music video and the first single with C.C. DeVille since 1991's So Tell Me Why.


The lyrics of the song describe the narrator having the ultimate power but wanting to give the power to the people.

Track listing[edit]

  • 1. Power to the People
  • 2. Cant Bring Me Down
  • 3. I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine.

"Can't Bring Me Down"[edit]

The B-side to "Power to the People" is "Can't Bring Me Down". The lyrics describe a bad relationship with a girl. The song has been performed by the band live once on July 18, 2000, on their Power to the People Tour.[4]

"I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine"[edit]

The second B-side to "Power to the People" is "I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine". The song was a regular in the set list on the Power to the People Tour, Glam, Slam, Metal, Jam Tour, 20 Years Of Rock Tour, and the Poison'd! Tour while it was played twice on the 2008 Summer Tour, and played occasionally on the Hollyweird Tour.[5]

Music Video[edit]

The music video was the first video from the band since "Until You Suffer Some" in 1993. It features shots of the band performing on their 1999 Greatest Hits Reunion Tour with C.C. DeVille, and studio shots of the band.

Live performance[edit]

"Power to the People" was a regular in the setlist on the Power to the People Tour in 2000, but was played infrequently on the Glam, Slam, Metal, Jam Tour in 2001 and on the 2006 20 Years Of Rock Tour.[6]



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