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Powercor Australia
Private (subsidiary of Spark Infrastructure (49%), Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings and Power Assets Holdings (collectively 51%))
Industry Infrastructure
Founded 1994
Headquarters Melbourne, Australia
Website http://www.powercor.com.au/

Powercor Australia is an electricity distribution company that operates throughout western Victoria and the western suburbs of Melbourne.

The company maintains and owns power lines, substations and street lights and also manages the largest distribution network in Victoria. It is said by the Chief Executive of Powercor that Powercor owns the most reliable electricity network in Australia. Powercor is also sister companies with (i) Citipower who maintain the city of Melbourne's CBD network and (ii) SA Power Networks who maintains the South Australian network.

Network statistics[edit]

As of September 2011:

  • Total Line Length: 84,026 km
  • Area covered: 150,000 km2
  • Customers: 730,273
  • Zone Substations 70
  • Zone Substation Transformers (66kv to 22kv): 137
  • Distribution Transformers (22kv to 240v): 81,553
  • Poles: 535,941
  • 31,865 Customers supplied via single-wire earth return rural grid
  • Wires Underground: 10.6%
  • 86% classified as 'rural'
  • Network Availability: 99.96%[1]


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