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Powernet LLC
Limited Liability Company
Industry telecommunications
Founded 1996 (as KIT)
1997 (as BOL.bg)
2008 (as Powernet)
Headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria, (contacts)
Area served
Sofia municipal area
Key people
Boyan Georgiev (CEO),
Ivo Peev (DBD),
Plamen Milanov (CTO),
Lubomir Plankov (CFO),
Angel Haralampiev (Administrative manager)
Products Broadband Internet, CaTV, DigitalPhones, Metro&Long distance Ethernet, Dark Fiber
Revenue Increase 3.460 million (2009)
Profit Increase 0.918 million (2009)
Total assets Increase 5.065 million (2009)
Owner P&S EAST GROWTH Luxembourg
Number of employees
175 (2011)
Subsidiaries ExtremeNet (100%)
BOL.bg East (50%)
PAMNET (50%)
Website www.powernet.bg

Powernet (Powernet LLC), also known as Пауърнет, is a telecommunications company with activities in the broadband Internet,[1] CaTV and Digital phones. It is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria.[2] Currently the company is the biggest broadband Internet services provider to end-users in the region of Sofia municipality. It serves about 35 000 residential, and over 1 500 business customers.


The company was formed after a series of over 60 A&M[3][4] of various-sized Internet Service Providers (ISPs) into Powernet LLC. The biggest acquisitions being the ones of BOL.bg (in 2006), and of Airbites Bulgaria, a daughter company of SwissCom CEE(in 2009).

1996 One of the first Internet service providers in Bulgaria was founded - KIT LLC.
1997 BOL.bg LLC (BOL.bg) was founded
2003 Powernet LLC was founded
2005-2008 Powernet, KIT and BOL.bg acquire 100% of 50 small and medium-sized LAN Internet providers
2006 P&S acquire 100% of KIT and BOL.bg
2008 P&S acquire 100% of Powernet
2009 KIT and BOL.bg merge in Powernet, and Powernet acquire 100% of Airbites Bulgaria from SwissCom CEE
2010 Powernet joins the BTT project


On November 22, 2010, Powernet joined the BTT,[5][6][7](Bulgarian Telecom & Television Jsc) project, which united 11 of the biggest regional Internet, CaTV and Phone service providers in Bulgaria. The customers served increased to 150 000 in 40 towns and 110 locations in Bulgaria. BTT covers more than 1 million households. During 2011, BTT will offer integrated services - television, internet, fixed and mobile phones at full national coverage.


Powernet is dedicated to achieving high-standards and customer satisfaction by the introduction of good practices and attractive package services.


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