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Powerstock Railway Station.jpg
Former railway station
Place Powerstock
Area West Dorset, Dorset
Coordinates 50°45′21″N 2°40′45″W / 50.7557°N 2.6792°W / 50.7557; -2.6792Coordinates: 50°45′21″N 2°40′45″W / 50.7557°N 2.6792°W / 50.7557; -2.6792
Pre-grouping GWR
Post-grouping GWR
Western Region of British Railways
Platforms 1
12 November 1857 Opened as Poorstock[1]
1860 Renamed Powerstock[1]
5 May 1975 Closed[1]
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Closed railway stations in Britain
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Powerstock was a railway station on the Bridport Railway in the west of the English county of Dorset. The station served the villages of Powerstock, and Nettlecombe, which was nearer the railway. Opened with the branch on 12 November 1857, it was called Poorstock until 1860. Consisting of a single platform and bungalow style building, it had a siding. Operated by the Great Western Railway, it was placed in the Western Region when the railways were nationalised in 1948.

The branch was threatened with closure in the Beeching report, but narrow roads in the area, unsuitable for buses, kept it open until 5 May 1975. The station was unstaffed in 1966.[2] In its final years train services were usually operated by single carriage Class 121 diesel railcars.

The site today[edit]

The station building can still be seen from the road. It was sold by British Railways in 1968 and was converted into a private home. The platform was still available for passenger use until 1975. After closure the trackbed and platform was sold to become part of the grounds of the house.[1]

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Line and station closed
  Great Western Railway
Bridport Railway
Line and station closed


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