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For the battery product by Tesla, see Tesla Powerwall.
A user performing gesture interactions with a Powerwall display at the University of Leeds
The 53.7 million pixel Powerwall at the University of Leeds

A powerwall is a large high-resolution display wall used for projecting large computer generated images. The size of a wall display can range in size from six to over forty feet in width and potentially even larger. The massive display walls typically have a height exceeding nine feet.

Powerwall implementations differ from that of typical large projection displays due to the composition of the image from several smaller high resolution (at least 1024x768, typically 1600x1200) images creating a display that maintains image fidelity even at very close viewing distances. This leads to a versatile environment of use where use/interpretation of the displayed information can be tailored to different depths within the physical working space. Powerwalls and other types of large high-resolution displays are also known as "gigapixel displays", though as of 2008 the largest displays are less than 0.3 gigapixels.[1]


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