Poznań Główny railway station

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Poznań Główny
Railway Station
Poznań Główny (widok ogólny).JPG
Poznań Główny railway station
LocationDworcowa 1, Poznań, Greater Poland Voivodeship
Coordinates52°24′06″N 16°54′42″E / 52.40167°N 16.91167°E / 52.40167; 16.91167Coordinates: 52°24′06″N 16°54′42″E / 52.40167°N 16.91167°E / 52.40167; 16.91167
Operated byPKP
Przewozy Regionalne
Koleje Wielkopolskie
Line(s)Warsaw–Kunowice railway
Wrocław–Poznań railway
Kluczbork–Poznań railway
Poznań–Szczecin railway
Poznań–Piła railway
Other information
Opened1879; 140 years ago (1879)
Poznań Główny is located in Poland
Poznań Główny
Poznań Główny
Poznań Główny (Poland)

Poznań Główny (Polish for Poznan main station), commonly called Dworzec Główny, is the main railway station for the city of Poznań, Poland's fifth largest city, and capital of the Greater Poland voivodeship.

The station is located at a junction of Warsaw–Kunowice railway, Wrocław–Poznań railway, Kluczbork–Poznań railway, Poznań–Szczecin railway and Poznań–Piła railway. The train services are operated by PKP, Przewozy Regionalne and Koleje Wielkopolskie.

Investment and modernization[edit]

Inside the main hall

PKP began planning a modernisation of the station in 2007. In 2009 it began negotiations with seven companies specialising in investments in commercial real estate. A 160 million euro investment agreement was signed with developer Trigranit Development Corporation, paving the way for the construction of an integrated transport centre including a rebuilt station, car parking and a coach station.[1]

The station and the surrounding area are being completely rebuilt, and connected to the bus station and the international congress/convention centre. The entire investment aimed to provide an integrated transport complex for UEFA Euro 2012 in Poznan. Construction of the new station began in the first half of 2011, and the first phase, a fully operational booking hall and waiting area, was inaugurated by President Bronisaw Komorowski on 29 May 2012.[1] The old booking hall still exists but is not currently in use for passengers.

An integrated transport hub and shopping centre was opened on 25 October 2013. This features 250 retail units, a coach terminal, cycle lanes and a park and ride facility.[1][2]

Due to the city's 2010 budget deficit, which resulted from using public funds to build a municipal stadium, the city of Poznan announced that most of the promised investment will be significantly delayed in time, and could remain un-financed even up to 2016. Under a planned third phase, the existing station building would be redeveloped with conference, office and hotel facilities.[1] A study by TTS trade magazine informed in 2014 that the new building was already completed.[3]


Western entrance of the station
  • Ignacy Jan Paderewski arrived at the Summer Station (platform 4b) on December 26, 1918, beginning a visit to Poznan which resulted in the outbreak of the Greater Poland Uprising (1918–19).
  • Along the main road leading from the station to the city centre are a large number of anti-aircraft bunkers from World War II.
  • During communist rule an underground hospital was prepared at the station in case of war. It was fully equipped and regularly visited by the secret services.
  • Platform 4a was used twice a day by steam trains to Wolsztyn until 2014.
  • On November 25, 2006 Ryszard Kapuscinski unveiled a plaque in the hall of the station dedicated to Kazimierz Nowak, who travelled 40,000 km through Africa on foot and by bicycle.
  • Trains are announced by computer. It is so far the only such system operated in Poland, which from 1996 to 2012 was voiced by Paul Binkowski, New Theatre actor. Currently the system uses a speech synthesis, IVONA.
  • Several acres of land around the railway station were the subject of a dispute between the railway authorities, the city and the authorities of Wielkopolska from the 1990s. The railway authorities in Warsaw did not want to give this land to the City of Poznan, despite not using it. After long negotiations, the Integrated Transportation Centre (Pol. "Zintegrowane Centrum Komunikacyjne") is being build on it.


Abbreviations: (EN/EC) = international routes operated in conjunction with foreign rail operators, (TLK/IC) = operated by PKP Intercity, (REGIO) = operated by Przewozy Regionalne and other regional operators.

Train services[edit]

The station is served by the following services:

  • EuroCity services (EC) Berlin - Frankfurt (Oder) - Rzepin - Poznan - Kutno - Warsaw
  • EuroCity services (EC) Berlin - Frankfurt (Oder) - Rzepin - Poznan - Bydgoszcz - Gdansk - Gdynia
  • EuroNight services (EN) Paris - Strasbourg - Berlin - Frankfurt (Oder) - Poznan - Warsaw - Brest - Minsk - Moscow
  • EuroNight services (EN) Cologne - Duisburg - Dortmund - Berlin - Frankfurt (Oder) - Poznan - Kutno - Warsaw
  • Intercity services Swinoujscie - Szczecin - Stargard - Krzyz - Poznan - Kutno - Warsaw
  • Intercity services Zielona Gora - Zbaszynek - Poznan - Kutno - Warsaw
  • Intercity services Wroclaw - Leszno - Poznan - Bydgoszcz - Gdansk - Gdynia
  • Intercity services Zielona Gora - Zbaszynek - Poznan - Torun - Olsztyn
  • Intercity services Wroclaw - Leszno - Poznan - Torun - Ilawa - Olsztyn - Elk - Bialystok
  • Intercity services Bydgoszcz - Poznan - Kutno - Lowicz - Lodz - Krakow
  • Intercity services Swinoujscie - Szczecin - Stargard - Krzyz - Poznan - Leszno - Wroclaw - Opole - Katowice
  • Intercity services Kolobrzeg - Pila - Poznan - Wroclaw - Opole - Czestochowa - Krakow - Rzeszow - Zamosc/Przemysl
  • Intercity services Poznan - Ostrow Wielkopolskie - Lubliniec - Czestochowa - Krakow
  • Intercity services Poznan - Ostrow Wielkopolskie - Lubliniec - Katowice
  • Regional services (R) Poznan - Gniezno - Mogilno - Inowroclaw - Bydgoszcz
  • Regional services (R) Poznan - Gniezno - Mogilno - Inowroclaw - Torun
  • Regional services (R) Poznan - Sroda Wielkopolska - Jarocin - Ostrow Wielkopolski - Lodz
  • Regional services (R) Poznan - Sroda Wielkopolska - Jarocin - Krotoszyn
  • Regional services (R) Wroclaw - Leszno - Poznan
  • Regional services (R) Kolobrzeg - Bialogard - Szczecinek - Pila - Oborniki - Poznan
  • Regional services (R) Koszalin - Bialogard - Szczecinek - Pila - Oborniki - Poznan
  • Regional services (R) Swinoujscie - Szczecin - Stargard - Dobiegniew - Krzyz - Wronki - Poznan
  • Regional services (R) Kostrzyn - Gorzow Wielkopolski - Krzyz - Wronki - Poznan
  • Regional services (KW) Zbaszynek - Zbąszyn - Opalenica - Poznan
  • Regional services (KW) Poznan - Gniezno
  • Regional services (KW) Poznan - Września - Konin - Kutno
  • Regional services (KW) Wolsztyn - Grodzisk Wielkopolski - Poznan
  • Regional services (KW) Poznan - Murowana Goślina - Wągrowiec - Golancz
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toward Berlin Hbf
toward Berlin Hbf
toward Paris Est
toward Köln Hbf
towards Świnoujście
towards Zielona Góra
towards Zielona Góra
towards Białystok
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toward Zbąszynek
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toward Gniezno
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toward Wolsztyn

Tram services[edit]

Poznań has a large tram network with many services serving the station. All services are operated by MPK Poznań. The tram stops around the station are: Poznań Główny, Most Dworcowy and Dworzec Zachodni

  • 3 (Górczyn - Poznań Główny - Rondo Rataje - Rondo Śródka - Male Garbary - Armii Poznań - Wilczak)
  • 5 (Górczyn - Poznań Główny - City Centre - Os. Lecha - Zegrze - Stomil)
  • 6 (Junikowo - Budziszyńska - INEA Stadion - Poznań Główny - Rondo Rataje - Rondo Śródka - Miłostowo)
  • 8 (Górczyn - Poznań Główny - Male Garbary - Rondo Śródka - Miłostowo)
  • 10 (Połabska - Armii Poznań - Poznań Główny - Dębiec)
  • 11 (Piątkowska - Poznań Główny - Dębiec)
  • 12 (Os. Sobieskiego - Poznań Główny - Rondo Rataje - Starołęka)
  • 14 (Os. Sobieskiego - Poznań Główny - Górczyn)
  • 18 (Ogrody - Rynek Jeżycki - Poznań Główny - Rondo Rataje - Os. Lecha - Franowo)
  • 19 (Os. Sobieskiego - Poznań Główny - Dworzec Zachodni)

Bus and Coach services[edit]

View of the coach station.
  • 51 (Poznań Główny - Garbary - Winogrady - Os. Sobieskiego)
  • 68 (Poznań Główny - Podolany)
  • 71 (Os. Wichrowe Wzgorze - Połabska - Poznań Główny - Os. Debina)
  • 905 (Poznań Główny - Piatkowska - Suchy Las - Zlotkowo - Goleczewo - Zielatkowo - Chludowo)
  • 59 (Poznań Główny - Poznań Ławica Airport)

Coach services operated by various Polish PKS coach companies, Flixbus and Sindbad among others depart from the coach station.

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