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Pozo de Jacinto @ Isabela, PR

Pozo de Jacinto (English: Jacinto's Pit Cave) is a pit cave located at Jobos Beach in the northwestern Puerto Rican municipality of Isabela on Puerto Rico Highway 466.

In Jobos Beach, in the town of Isabela, Puerto Rico there is a natural opening, made by the sea which was called “El Pozo de Jobos” (Jobos Well).

According to the local legend, there was once a farmer by the name of Jacinto. It is said that Jacinto had a favorite cow which he always had tied to him while walking the rest of his herd. One day the cow walked too close to the hole and fell, dragging Jacinto along, where they both died.

It all seems nice and calm, but the legend says that whenever someone gets close and yells “Jacinto, dame la vaca!” (Jacinto, give me the cow), a big burst of water will shoot up from the hole, angry, as it to say “you are not taking my cow”. From that time on, El Pozo de Jobos (Jobos Well) became El Pozo de Jacinto (Jacinto’s Well).

Yes, on this last visit to Puerto Rico I had many reasons to yell and scream, so what better way to let it all out than to call for Jacinto’s cow one more time. One thing is for sure, visitors wanting to see El Pozo de Jacinto (Jacinto’s Well) should be careful as the natural opening and the rocks around it are as dangerous now as they were then, very very sharp.

Whether you believe in things like this or not, this is one little urban legend I grew up with when I lived in this beautiful town of Isabela. So next time you visit Puerto Rico, if you happen to go to the north west of the island, make sure you stop by this gorgeous town, visit its many beaches and stop by Jobos Beach. Walk over to Jacinto’s Well, and even if it makes you feel silly, just yell “Jacinto, dame la vaca!” Who knows if he will respond, but you will be part of a little town’s legend and part of its beautiful culture.

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