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Prättigau S.jpg
View to the south
Prättigau is located in Switzerland
Floor elevation 1,400–600 m (4,600–2,000 ft)
Long-axis direction SE-NW
Long-axis length 33 km (21 mi)
Depth 1,000–1,700 m (3,300–5,600 ft)
Type glacial
Coordinates 46°54′59″N 9°51′13″E / 46.9165°N 9.85372°E / 46.9165; 9.85372Coordinates: 46°54′59″N 9°51′13″E / 46.9165°N 9.85372°E / 46.9165; 9.85372
Topo map swisstopo
Population centers
Watercourses Landquart

The Prättigau, in the canton of Graubünden (Grisons), Switzerland, is the valley of the river Landquart, which drains into the Alpine Rhine in the village of the same name, and is on its upper end home to the world-famous ski resorts of Klosters.

Landquart is a railway junction on the flat floor valley of the Alpine Rhine just north of Chur, the capital of the Grisons.

The Prättigau is a popular tourist destination for winter and summer activities, including downhill and cross country skiing, tobogganing and hiking.

Traditionally, towns in the Prättigau were reliant on the lumber industry, although the income from tourism has largely replaced that.