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Pruem waxweiler.jpg
The Prüm near Waxweiler
Location Eifel, Vulkaneifel, Bitburg-Prüm, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Reference no. DE: 2628
Physical characteristics
Main source Between Ormont and Reuth on the Schneifelridge
ca. 650 m above sea level (NHN)
50°18′53″N 6°28′8.8″E / 50.31472°N 6.469111°E / 50.31472; 6.469111Coordinates: 50°18′53″N 6°28′8.8″E / 50.31472°N 6.469111°E / 50.31472; 6.469111
River mouth in Minden into the Sauer
ca. 154 m above sea level (NHN)
49°49′22″N 6°28′16.1″E / 49.82278°N 6.471139°E / 49.82278; 6.471139
Length 95.04 km [1]
  • Location:
    [2] at its mouth
  • Average rate:
    11.42 m³/s
Basin features
Progression SauerMoselleRhineNorth Sea
Basin size 888.758 km² [1]
Waterbodies Reservoirs: Bitburg Reservoir
River Prüm between Prümzurlay und Irrel, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.JPG
The Prüm between Prümzurlay and Irrel

The Prüm (German pronunciation: [ˈpʁʏm]) is a river in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, left tributary of the Sauer. Its total length is 95 km, and its basin area is 889 km².[3] The Prüm rises in the Schneifel hills, north of the town of Prüm, close to the border with Belgium. It flows southward through Prüm, Waxweiler, Holsthum, and Irrel. The Prüm discharges to the Sauer in Minden, on the border with Luxembourg, three kilometres east of Echternach. The largest tributary of the Prüm is the Nims.

Catchment and tributaries[edit]

The catchment of the Prüm is 888.758[1] km² in area. Its tributaries include: The largest tributaries of the Prüm are; (l = left bank (dark blue), r = right bank; light blue):


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