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Prabhas Patan, known popularly as Somnath Patan, is situated in Gujarat (Saurashtra), 7 km. from Veraval.[1] This is a place of pilgrimage, or Tirtha, of the most popular Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva, i.e., Somanath[citation needed].

According to tradition, here Krishna is supposed to have left a mortal body at the end of Krishna avatar (Avatars), enacting the drama of being killed by a hunter who mistook Krishna for a deer and shot him in his foot.


As per the writing in Ramayana, Rama, i.e. Krishna in his earlier Rama Avatar (Avatars) is supposed to have given a boon to a monkey king Vali (Hindu mythology) whom he killed indirectly in hiding and not directly fighting with him in front. The above action of the hunter in Krishna avatar (Avatars) is supposed to be in compliance to the boon of Rama i.e. Krishna in his earlier Avatar.

Details by a pilgrim[edit]

Prabhas Patan-1957photo

The adjacent photo of 1957 shows the place where there is a board (not clear in photo) mentioning "Krishna Deha Visarjana". This is also confirmed by the local people there at that time as per the pilgrim. This pilgrim also remembers the place as Prabhas Patan near Veraval. There is also another board on the tree (not clear in photo) which as far as the memory of the said pilgrim goes, indicates that the sapling was planted by C. Rajagopalachari (ex Governor-general of India).


  1. ^ "Prabhas Patan Visa Oswal Jain Sangh". We, the community of Prabhaspatan Visa Oswal Jain Sangh are the natives of holy place Prabhaspatan popularly known as Somnath Patan. Prabhaspatan is located on the sea shore of Saurashtra about 7 km south of Veraval (Vallabhipur) the popular harbor of Saurashtra, Gujarat. 

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