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Prabir Ghosh

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Prabir Ghosh
Prabir Ghosh.jpg
Ghosh at a book fair in Kolkata
Born (1945-03-01) 1 March 1945 (age 74)
Occupationsocial activist,[1] author[2]

Prabir Ghosh (born 1 March 1945) is the founder and president of Bharatiya Bigyan O Yuktibadi Samiti, a science and rationalists' association based in Kolkata, India.[3][4] He is the author of a number of books in Bengali disputing supernatural claims and is well known for his book series titled Aloukik Noy, Loukik.

Early life and family

Prabir Ghosh born on 1 March 1945 at the Faridpur in Bangladesh.[5] His parents were Mr. Prabhat Chandra Ghosh and Smt. Suhasini Ghosh.His father moved to Adra, Purulia when he was six months old. He spent his early childhood in Adra. Young Prabir came to railway town Kharagpur in 1955. He completed his secondary education from Kharagpur. Later his father settled in Dum dum, Kolkata, in 1960. Ghosh completed graduation in Kolkata.[6] He used to imitate the street magicians in those days.[7]

5,000,000 miracle challenge

Similar to James Randi's One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, Ghosh has offered a prize of 5 million[8] (US$ 78,600 approx) to anyone who can demonstrate supernatural power of any kind without resorting to any trick, although he admitted that he personally does not possess such an amount of money.[9]

Major works

  • "Aloukik Noy, Loukik" (in Bengali) (English title: "Natural, not Supernatural" in five volumes)'
  • Uncovering Mother Teresa's miracle power.[10]


Books in Bengali

  • Sanskriti songhorso o nirman:Kolkata,Day's publishing 1994
  • Aloukik noi loukik(1 to 5 vol):Kolkata,day's publishing 1985-
  • Rajnititr management o aro kichu:Kolkata,day's publishing Feb-2008
  • Kasmire ajadir lorai ekti itihasik dalil:Kolkata,day's publishing,Oct-2010
  • Yuktibadir chokhe gita ramayan mahavarat:Kolkata,day's publishing,Jan-2016
  • Prabad sanskar o kusanskar:Kolkata,day's publishing, Jan-1999
  • Prem bibaho o onnyanya:Kolkata,day's Jan-2017
  • Piknaki o Olukik Rohosya samagra:Kolkata,day's publishing Jan-2015
  • Alukik Rohosya Sondhane Pinki:Kolkata, day's publishing April-2015
  • Aparadh Bigyan-Kolkata day's publishing Jan 2017
  • Memory man o moblibe baba :Kolkata,Day's Publishing February 2008
  • Baree barre ghure firre tumi;Kolkata;Day's Publishing
  • Amar chelebela{Early days biography of Prabir Ghosh};day's publishing
  • Juoboner Bojronirghos(Biogryphy );Day's Publishing 2013
  • Yuktibadir Challengerrra(Part-1&2);Kolkata,day's publishing
  • Goltablee saf Jabab;Kolkata,day's publishing
  • Sommohoner A to Z ;Kolkata,day's publishing
  • Gerila juddher A to theke Azadi;Kolkata,day's publishing
  • Moner Niyantran Yog o meditation;Kolkata,day's publishing
  • Jotisher koffine ses perek;Kolkata,day's publishing
  • Ami keno Isware Biswas korina;Kolkata,day's publishing
  • Yuktibadir chokhe nari mukti;Kolkata,day's publishing
  • Dhormo seba o sommohon;Kolkata,day's publishing
  • Prosonya santras ebong;Kolata,day's publishing
  • Alukik rohoyajale pinki;Kolkata,day's publishing
  • Alukik Dhristi Rohosya;Kolkata,day's publishing.

Books in English

  • Paranormal Exposed!
  • The Mystery of Mother Teresa and Sainthood
  • Why I Do Not Believe in God


On 18 August 1996, the members of Bharatiya Bigyan O Yuktibadi Samiti expelled Ghosh on charges of faking a doctor's degree and sexually assaulting female patients,[11] but Calcutta City Court cleared all the charges against him.[12]

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