Prabir and The Substitutes

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Prabir and The Substitutes
Background information
OriginRichmond, Virginia, United States
Years active2005 – 2009
MembersPrabir Mehta
Chris Smith
Charlie Glenn
Robbie King
Tyler Willams

Prabir and The Substitutes is a pop-rock band from Richmond, Virginia. The band has released multiple recordings while touring alongside Dr. Dog, The Silver Beats, The Parties, and The Old Ceremony. Although still an independent band, the Substitutes have received accolades from such national publications as the All Music Guide, Paste, and the A.V. Club.[1][2] Additionally, Prabir and The Substitutes won the Wammie Award for 2008 New Artist of the Year.[3]

Current members[edit]

  • Prabir Mehta - Guitar, vocals
  • Chris Smith - Guitar, vocals
  • Charlie Glenn - Organ, vocals
  • Robbie King - Bass, vocals
  • Tyler Williams - Drums, vocals

Past members[edit]

  • Shawn Lynch - Drums, vocals
  • Adam Thompson - Bass, vocals
  • Adam Palamore - Drums


Prabir and The Substitutes formed at the end of 2005, following the demise of Prabir Mehta's former group, The Rachel Nevadas. At the time of its inception, the band consisted of Mehta, guitarist Chris Smith, bassist Adam Thompson, and drummer Adam Palamore. Shawn Lynch soon replaced Palamore on drums, while Charlie Glenn joined in early 2007 as the group's organist. Later that year, bassist Robbie King and drummer Tyler Williams stepped in to solidify the Substitutes' current lineup.

The band toured alongside The Silver Beats in support of their album, 5 Little Pieces.[4]

The band announced it would play its last show at Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA on December 12, 2009.[5]


  • EP (Pop Faction, 2006; reissued by Stereo Couture, 2011)
  • Annabelle I'm Coming Home Tonight (Pop Faction, 2007; reissued by Stereo Couture, 2011)
  • Share (Stereo Couture, 2007)
  • 5 Little Pieces (Stereo Couture, 2008)
  • Hello (Stereo Couture, 2009)


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