Practice What You Preach

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Practice What You Preach
Testament - Practice What You Preach.jpg
Studio album by Testament
Released August 4, 1989[1]
Recorded 1989
Studio Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California
Genre Thrash metal
Length 46:06
Label Atlantic/Megaforce
Producer Alex Perialas
Testament chronology
The New Order
Practice What You Preach
Souls of Black
Singles from Practice What You Preach
  1. "Practice What You Preach"
    Released: 1989
  2. "Greenhouse Effect"
    Released: 1990
  3. "The Ballad"
    Released: 1990

Practice What You Preach is the third studio album by American thrash metal band Testament. It was released in 1989 on Atlantic/Megaforce.


The lyrical themes of Practice What You Preach are more about politics and society than the occult themes of the band's previous two albums. The title track of this album was a moderate mainstream rock hit, which featured a music video that gained substantial MTV airplay, as did "The Ballad".[2] By June 1992, Practice What You Preach had sold over 450,000 copies in the U.S, only 50,000 short of Gold Certification.[3]

According to, the title track is among Testament's most-played songs, having been performed live nearly 700 times.[4] "Confusion Fusion" is the only song from Practice What You Preach that has never been performed live.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [5]

Reviews for Practice What You Preach have generally been favorable. Allmusic's Alex Henderson awards it three stars out of five, and for the album, he claims that Testament placed "more emphasis on subjects like freedom of choice, political corruption, hypocrisy, and the effects of greed and avarice" and that "its musical approach is much the same -- under the direction of metal producer Alex Perialas."[5]

Practice What You Preach entered the Billboard 200 album charts in September 1989, a month after its release.[6] The album peaked at number 77 and remained on the chart for twelve weeks.[7]

Touring and promotion[edit]

Testament toured for less than a year to promote Practice What You Preach. They embarked on a one-month U.S. tour in October 1989 with Annihilator and Wrathchild America (who had just released their respective debut albums Alice in Hell and Climbin' the Walls), and played two shows in California with Nuclear Assault and Voivod in December.[8] The second leg of the Practice What You Preach tour began in January 1990, when Testament was supporting Mortal Sin in Germany and the UK with Xentrix and Horse London.[8] Following their first visit to Japan in February, Testament embarked on a two-month U.S. tour with Savatage, which featured support from Nuclear Assault, Dead Horse and Dark Angel.[8] After the Practice What You Preach tour came to an end in May 1990, Testament began work on their fourth studio album Souls of Black.

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Chuck Billy, Alex Skolnick, Eric Peterson, Greg Christian and Louie Clemente.

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Practice What You Preach" Billy, Peterson, Skolnick 4:54
2. "Perilous Nation" Skolnick 5:50
3. "Envy Life" Peterson 4:16
4. "Time Is Coming" Billy 5:26
5. "Blessed In Contempt" Billy, Skolnick, Peterson 4:12
6. "Greenhouse Effect" Skolnick 4:52
7. "Sins of Omission" Billy, Peterson, Skolnick 5:00
8. "The Ballad" Skolnick, Billy 6:09
9. "Nightmare (Coming Back to You)" Skolnick 2:20
10. "Confusion Fusion" Instrumental 3:07


Additional personnel
  • Mark Walters - backing vocals
  • Bogdan Jablonski - backing vocals
  • Willy Lang - backing vocals
  • Elliot Cahn - backing vocals
  • William Benson - cover art


Chart (1989) Peak
The Billboard 200 77
German Albums Chart 29[9]
UK Albums (OCC)[10] 40


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