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Pradip Neupane
Born Butwal, Nepal,
(Now in Slough, United Kingdom)[1]
Occupation Singer, Song writer, Composer,
Years active 1996-present

Pradip Neupane is a Nepali singer who in his early career was associated with the band Milan.


Milan produced two pop music albums in Nepal. The first was Tinau Kholama ("In the River Tinau") and the second was Pahadi Kanchi. Tinau Kholama, released in 1995, was a very successful album, including such popular songs as "Yauti Sundari" and "Dhaka Topi." The second album was not as successful.

The band was dismantled early in 1999 when Neupane left Nepal. He has since become well known as a singer in the Nepali community of the United Kingdom. He announced plans to release his first solo album, Dobatoma ("In the Cross Road") in 2007. Dobatoma is being produced by Rebel Creation, the largest record level in Nepal.

"I have given eight beautiful songs for this album," Pradip says. "The lyrics have been written by different writer and couple of them are written by myself too. I sang my unreleased songs 'Ghar mero milan chowk' and 'Barkha ko pani' in couple of concerts in London recently and people liked them very much. I have recorded songs in Nepal, India, and United Kingdom for this album and doing two video for release. I hope it will be well liked in Nepal too when it releases, I am very hopeful," Pradip says.


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