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Pradyota dynasty is an ancient Indian dynasty, which ruled over Avanti in the present-day Madhya Pradesh state, though most of the Puranas (except a manuscript of the Brahmanda Purana, preserved in the University of Dhaka) say that this dynasty succeeded the Barhadratha dynasty in Magadha.[1]


  • Pradyota Mahasena or Chanda
  • Palaka
  • Visakhayupa
  • Ajaka or Aryaka
  • Varttivarddhana or Nandivardhana

Pradyota is the founder of the dynasty and ruler of Avanti. He is said to be the son of Pulika (Punika), who is said to have killed his master at Ujjain, to make his son the king. Pradyota was a contemporary of Buddha and Bimbisara and finds his mentions in Mahavagga and Puranas.[2] He is said to have ruled for 23 years.[3]

Palaka's reign started in 527 BC according to Visarasreni of Merutunga.[4] He was the son of Chanda Pradyota of Ujjayini.[5] He is said to have conquered Kosambi.[3] Udayin defeated him multiple times but was ultimately killed by him in 519 BC.[6] Palaka is said to have ruled for 25 years.[6]

Visakhayupa, Ajaka, Nandivardhana is said to have ruled for 50, 21 and 20 years respectively.[6] Nandivardhana is said to have been defeated by Sisunaga thereby leading to Magadha annexing Avanti.[7][8]



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