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Pragma Systems
private company
Industry Network Management, Network Security
Founded 1990
Headquarters Austin, Texas, United States of America
Key people
  • Quamrul Mina, Chief Executive Officer
  • David Kulwin, Chief Technology Officer
  • Edith Myers, Vice President Operations & Communications
  • Andrew Tull, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Pragma Systems is a developer and marketer of computer network software. The company sells software products that help IT networks communicate securely.


Pragma Systems was founded in 1990 by David Kulwin and Quamrul Mina in Austin, Texas. The focus was to design, develop, and port networking software for Fortune 500 companies. The software development industry in Austin, Texas welcomed Pragma Systems and in a short period of time Pragma Systems was developing networking software for companies like IBM, Tivoli, and Tandem.

In 1995 Pragma Systems began developing network communication products for the emerging Windows NT platform. From that point Pragma Systems has focused on building and selling network communication products for the entire line of Microsoft Windows platforms.

On February 2011, Pragma Systems was awarded the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) certification (FIPS 140-2 certificate # 1500) for its FortressSSH server and client solutions. U.S. Army's Technology Integration Center (TIC) in Fort Huachuca, Arizona performed intensive testing on the FortressSSH server and client products. Upon passing the TIC tests, the FortressSSH was placed on the U.S. Department of Defense Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Product List (APL).


Pragma Systems focuses on computer network communication software for the Microsoft Windows platform. These software packages allow the Microsoft Windows systems to communicate with other common platforms like Unix, Linux, Mac OS in either clear text protocols, Telnet, TFTP, RSH for example, or with encryption protocols, SSH, Telnet over SSL, SFTP, SCP are example of some of the secure encrypted communications the Pragma Systems software provides on the Microsoft Windows platform. Pragma Systems also builds SSH, SFTP, FTP and Telnet client software for Windows Mobile / CE based hand held devices to allow them to communicate / transfer files with base systems using the secure or clear text protocols.

  • Pragma Fortress SSH Server
  • Pragma Telnet Server
  • Pragma Fortress SSH Client Suite
  • Handheld Client Products
    • Pragma PocketVT
    • Stay-Linked Thin Cilent


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