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Prago Union is a Czech band.

Members are MC Kato (a.k.a. Deph) and DJ Maro. DJ Maro joined Prago Union in 2008 replacing DJ Skupla. Both Deph and Skupla are former members of group Chaozz. They represent original way of Czech hip hop with unusual lyrics and music.

Their first record is HDP (Hrubý domácí produkt - the gross domestic product). The most well known guests are American producer Kutmasta Kurt and rappers Masta Ace and Planet Asia. The second record, Dezorient Express, was released nearly five years after the first one in spring 2010. It has 22 tracks and was produced in collaboration with Dj Maro and Paulie Garand from the band BPM. The second record received very good ratings. It was reviewed by hiphop-oriented magazine Bbarak with score 9 out of 10 and on it received Album of the week award and score 10 out of 10.[1] On September 1, 2011 new record V Barvách (In Colors) was published. It is an attempt to put different colors into music and also the first concept album of the formation.

On June 16, 2013 new album Vážná hudba (Classical music) was released.


  • HDP, 2005
  • Dezorient Express, 2010
  • V Barvách, 2011
  • Vážná hudba, 2013
  • Smrt žije, 2016

Dezorient Express Track list[edit]


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