Prague Half Marathon

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Prague Half Marathon
Crossing the Vltava river via Mánes Bridge, 2010
DateLate March/Early April
LocationPrague, Czech Republic
Event typeRoad
DistanceHalf marathon
Primary sponsorSportisimo
Established1999 (24 years ago) (1999)
Course recordsMen's: 58:47 (2007)
Ethiopia Atsedu Tsegay
Women's: 1:04:52 (2017)
Kenya Joyciline Jepkosgei
Official sitePrague Half Marathon
Participants6,740 finishers (2022)
10,529 (2019)
2013 winner Zersenay Tadese crossing the Čech Bridge with four other runners, minutes before the finish
The Rudolfinum auditorium, location of the race start and finish

The Prague Half Marathon (known as the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon for sponsorship reasons) is an annual half marathon road running event which takes place in Spring on the city streets of Prague, Czech Republic, first held in 1999. It is managed by the same organisation that holds the Prague Marathon in May.[1] The race has a loop course, starting and ending in Jan Palach Square near the Rudolfinum, and largely follows the Vltava river.[2] The competition has enjoyed an increasing level of participation, with around 6500 participants in 2009 and almost 8500 runners taking part in the 2010 event.[3][4]

The Prague Half Marathon holds World Athletics Gold Label Road Race status.[5] Joyciline Jepkosgei set the half marathon world record at the time during this race with a time of 1:04:52 in 2017.[a]


The half marathon was first held in 1999.[6]

In 2006, a corporate team half marathon relay event was added to the day's programme of events – each company being represented by four runners each covering equal legs of 5.27 km. Around 100 teams and 50 business and institutions were present for the first race.[7]

Atsedu Tsegay holds the men's course record of 58:47 minutes (set in 2012), while Joyciline Jepkosgei's mark of 64:52 minutes (set in 2017) is the best achieved by a woman in the Prague race and a world record at the time.[a] Both of these times are the fastest ever run in the Czech Republic for the half marathon.[10][11]

The 2020 edition of the race was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, with all registrants given the option of transferring their entry to 2021 or 2022.[b][13][14]

Prague 21.1 km[edit]

After cancelling the 2020 race, organizer RunCzech announced on 1 September 2020 that they were hosting an "invitation-only half marathon featuring 35 [elite] distance runners" in Letná Park on 5 September 2020.[15][16] Named "Prague 21.1 km", the race would consist of about 16.5 laps of an oval of length 1,280 m (4,200 ft) on flat terrain in the park, with the men and women competing separately.[16][17]

On the day of the race, Kenyan Peres Jepchirchir broke the women-only half marathon world record with a time of 1:05:34.[18][c] The world record held for only 42 days, as Jepchirchir broke it again herself at the 2020 World Athletics Half Marathon Championships in Gdynia, Poland, with a time of 1:05:16.[21]


External image
image icon Course map of half marathon in 2019[22]

The Prague Half Marathon has a looped course format which has its race start and end point on Jan Palach Square near the Rudolfinum. The course follows the Vltava river southwards and then makes an east-to-west loop passing Folimanka park. It crosses to the west side of the Vltava, heading over Palacky Bridge, and after heading south along Strakonická road it doubles back to follow the river north, before crossing Legion Bridge to reach the halfway point. The course traces a large loop into the northern part of the city centre before returning to the Rudolfinum for the finish point.[23]


Joyciline Jepkosgei seconds away from breaking the world record in 2017
Kenyan Lydia Cheromei (pictured here at the Amsterdam Marathon in 2008) set a course record in 2011

Prague Half Marathon[edit]

Kenyan athletes have been dominant – all but four of the men's winners come from the East African country, which has also provided over half the female race winners. Daniel Wanjiru has topped the men's podium on two occasions, and both Jana Klimešová and Rose Kosgei have taken back-to-back wins in the women's event.[citation needed]

Key:    Course record (in bold)

Ed. Year Men's winner Time[d] Women's winner Time[d] Rf.
1 1999  Ali Mabrouk El Zaidi (LBA) 1:04:48  Jana Klimešová (CZE) 1:15:39
2 2000  Isaac Kiprono (KEN) 1:03:28  Jana Klimešová (CZE) 1:14:17
3 2001  Anthony Korir (KEN) 1:02:09  Florence Barsosio (KEN) 1:12:51
4 2002  Willy Kipkirui (KEN) 1:02:15  Gloria Marconi (ITA) 1:12:06
5 2003  Fred Kiprop (KEN) 1:02:47  Helena Javornik (SLO) 1:11:03
6 2004  Joseph Kiprotich (KEN) 1:01:46  Catherine Kirui (KEN) 1:10:38
7 2005  Silas Kirui (KEN) 1:01:07  Susan Kirui (KEN) 1:12:49
8 2006  Stephen Kibiwott (KEN) 1:01:15  Caroline Kwambai (KEN) 1:10:08
9 2007  Patrick Ivuti (KEN) 1:01:00  Liliya Shobukhova (RUS) 1:11:14
10 2008  Elijah Karanja (KEN) 1:02:08  Asha Gigi (ETH) 1:12:00
11 2009  Nicholas Koech (KEN) 1:00:07  Rose Kosgei (KEN) 1:09:03
12 2010  Joel Kemboi (KEN) 1:00:09  Rose Kosgei (KEN) 1:09:57
13 2011  Philemon Limo (KEN) 59:30  Lydia Cheromei (KEN) 1:07:33
14 2012  Atsedu Tsegay (ETH) 58:47  Joyce Chepkirui (KEN) 1:07:03
15 2013  Zersenay Tadese (ERI) 1:00:10  Gladys Cherono (KEN) 1:06:48
16 2014  Peter Kirui (KEN) 59:22  Joyce Chepkirui (KEN) 1:06:18
17 2015  Daniel Wanjiru (KEN) 59:51  Worknesh Degefa (ETH) 1:07:14
18 2016  Daniel Wanjiru (KEN) 59:20  Violah Jepchumba (KEN) 1:05:51
19 2017  Tamirat Tola (ETH) 59:36  Joyciline Jepkosgei (KEN) 1:04:52
20 2018  Benard Kimeli (KEN) 59:47  Joan Chelimo (KEN) 1:05:04
21 2019  Benard Kimeli (KEN) 59:05  Caroline Kipkirui (KEN) 1:05:41
2020 cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic [13]
22 2022  Kenneth Renju (KEN) 59:28  Nesphine Jepleting (KEN) 1:06:57
23 2023  Roncer Kipkorir (KEN) 59:43  Irene Jepchumba Kimais (KEN) 1:06:00

Prague 21.1 km[edit]

Date Men's winner Time Women's winner Time Rf.
2020.09.05  Kibiwott Kandie (KEN) 58:38  Peres Jepchirchir (KEN) 1:05:34 Wo [24]

By country[edit]

Country Wins
 Kenya 35
 Ethiopia 4
 Czech Republic 2
 Eritrea 1
 Italy 1
 Libya 1
 Russia 1
 Slovenia 1


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