Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra

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The Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra (Symfonický orchestr Českého rozhlasu) is based in Prague, the Czech Republic.


Regular radio broadcasting began in former Czechoslovakia in May, 1923. Live classical musical broadcasts became very popular. It was soon realized that a full-time dedicated orchestra was required and on October 1, 1926, the Radiojournal Orchestra was founded under conductor Jozka Charvát.

In 1952, the popularity and size of the Radiojournal Orchestra was such that a second orchestra, the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, was split off from the Radiojournal Orchestra.

Over the years many orchestra members were involved in other groups and subgroups, some associated with the radio station and others not. By the 1960s there were actually two completely separate orchestras working for the station. These were the Prague Radio Orchestra and the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra. They later combined to form the present orchestra.


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