Praha-Vysočany railway station

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Station building as seen from Vysočanská street

Praha-Vysočany railway station is a mainline railway station located in Vysočany, Prague 9. Located at the northeastern end of Nové Spojení, it is a junction between track 070, to Turnov, and track 231 to Kolín via Nymburk. Historically, trains from Nymburk terminated at the now demolished Praha-Těšnov railway station. It is located within walking distance of Vysočanská station on the Prague Metro.


  • 1872 – station opens under the name Vysočany on the NeratovicePrague railway.
  • 1873 – service between Hradec Králové, Nymburk and Prague commences as part of the Austrian Northwestern Railway
  • 1922 – Vysočany becomes part of Prague
  • 1941 – station renamed Praha-Vysočany


Preceding station   České dráhy   Following station
Praha hl.n.
  Regional fast trains   Lysá nad Labem
toward Hradec Králové
Preceding station   Esko Prague   Following station
toward Milovice
toward Tanvald
toward Strančice
S9 Terminus

Coordinates: 50°06′44″N 14°29′51″E / 50.11222°N 14.49750°E / 50.11222; 14.49750