Praia de Valadares

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Praia de Valadares is a Portuguese place, located in the parish of Valadares.

Nature and Climate[edit]

Praia de Valadares is located on the seashore and has an Oceanic Climate. The native vegetation is mainly composed by pine trees. In spite of that fact, the forest areas in Praia de Valadares have a mix of pine trees and eucalyptus.


Sanatório Marítimo do Norte, in Valadares.
Clínica Heliântia, in Valadares.

Nowadays, the oldest building in Praia de Valadares is Sanatório Marítimo do Norte (a sanatorium - place where diseases like tuberculosis were treated), built in 1916. It was the construction of that building, that started developing Praia de Valadares. Before that, Praia de Valadares had nothing but agricultural fields and forest. In the 1920/1930s the oldest standing houses in Praia de Valadares were built in Largo da Praia. In 1930 was built the Clínica Heliântia, a project of the architect Francisco de Oliveira Ferreira, who also projected Sanatório Marítimo do Norte. In the decade of 60 was created the first school (Escola da Marinha) in Praia de Valadares, replacing an old "Posto de Ensino" (centre of teaching).

The Beaches[edit]

Praia de Valadares means "Valadares' Beach", because this place is on the seashore. The beaches in Praia de Valadares have both (Norte and Sul) a blue flag. There are several bars and cafés near them.


The patron saint of this place is S. Salvador, to whom every year is dedicated a small feast "Festa em honra do Divino Salvador". There is also a chapel in Praia de Valadares with the name of this saint.

Main problems[edit]

Alcoholism and illiteracy are the main problems of this place, affecting mainly the old people. In the 1970s/1980s, there was a wide spread of drugs consumption and sale in Praia de Valadares, which decreased in the 1990s as a consequence of the growing urban development. There is also some prostitution in the forest zones.

Famous residents[edit]

  • António Oliveira - Former football coach of Portugal, he lived in Praia de Valadares for quite some time.
  • Jaime Isidoro - Portuguese painter, he lived in Praia de Valadares for quite some time.
  • Caetano Remeão - Sailor who saved a lot of people of drowning.