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PrairieMod is an emerging 21st century lifestyle based on ten principles recognized and used by some of history's most influential designers; Gustav Stickley, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames, John Lautner and E. Fay Jones to name a few. The ten principles include Consider the Cost, Form is Function, Less Becomes More, Useful and Beautiful, Informal Meets Eloquent, Integrate and Unify, Bring the Outside In, Think Natural, Go Green and Uniquely You. It is believed that through the practice of these principles, one can excel in the art of modern living. A home should be designed in a way that fits the real needs of its inhabitants. To ignore this is to ultimately create an experience of dis-unity and dis-integration. As the practitioners of the Arts and Crafts Movement believed, a beautiful home is the vehicle to a beautiful life.[1]

The word PrairieMod itself is a conjunction of “Prairie” and “Modern”. It refers to two eras in architectural history that had a tremendous impact on American living; the Prairie School and Modernism.[2]