Prairie Dog State Park

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Prairie Dog State Park
Kansas state park
Prairie Dog closeup.jpg
A prairie dog
Country United States
State Kansas
County Norton
Elevation 2,352 ft (717 m) [1]
Coordinates 39°48′25″N 99°57′05″W / 39.80694°N 99.95139°W / 39.80694; -99.95139Coordinates: 39°48′25″N 99°57′05″W / 39.80694°N 99.95139°W / 39.80694; -99.95139
Area 1,150 acres (465 ha)
Founded Unspecified
Management Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism
Location of Prairie Dog State Park in Kansas

Prairie Dog State Park is a state park located southwest of Norton, Kansas, United States. Located in western Kansas, the Prairie Dog State Park had no prairie dog populations living there when it was established. After multiple failed attempts at introducing the species to the park, a pair of prairie dogs entered by themselves and since then the park has been populated with over 300 prairie dogs.

Prairie Dog State Park is a 1,150-acre (470 ha) park that is located around Keith Sebelius Lake in Norton County. The last remaining adobe house is located at the Prairie Dog State Park. The renovated house was built sometime in the 1890s.


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