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A Prairie Fire is a mixed drink consisting of strong liquor and hot sauce. Many variations of a Prairie Fire in "shot" form exist. The origins of the shot are unknown but the earliest known styling of the drink is believed to have originated from the American Mid-West in the early 1970s when bar patrons were forced to drink hot sauce with shots of whiskey as punishment for losing bar bets. Since then, many types of alcohol have been substituted for whiskey, with tequila being the most popular.


Lighter versions may contain much less hot sauce, down to as little as a dash. Some recommend 1:1 mixture, some recommend 1:2 and even less. For the less brave, a hearty dash of the chosen hot sauce is all that is required.

This is set alight in a shot glass, briefly, before shooting.

Prairie Fire, Original Prairie Fire[edit]

1 part whiskey
4 drops of hot sauce

"Real" Prairie Fire[edit]

1 shot of tequila
1 full shot of Tabasco

Joe's jolokia extract Ring of Fire[edit]

1 part sake
a few drops of Jolokia extract

Stout Prairie Fire[edit]

0.5 to 1 part Tabasco sauce
1 part Everclear

Canadian Prairie Fire[edit]

0.5 to 1 part Tabasco sauce
1 part Yukon Jack

West Texas Prairie Fire[edit]

3/4 part Everclear
1/4 Part Tabasco

Redneck Prairie Fire[edit]

1 part Louisiana Hot Sauce
1 part Grain Alcohol (White Lightning)

Caribbean Prairie Fire[edit]

0.5 to 1 part Tabasco sauce
1 part 151 proof rum

Bitchin Scorpion[edit]

One Shot José Cuervo Tequila
One Shot DeKuyper Cheri-Beri Pucker
0.25 teaspoon (approximately) Honey
0.25 teaspoon Lime juice
0.5 teaspoon Frank's Red Hot Pepper Sauce

Rynos Cold Prairie Fire[edit]

1 shot of Tequila
15 drops of Tabasco sauce
Pour into glass with ice

Belgian Hell with Love from Russia[edit]

1 shot of vodka
sprout juice
26 drops of Tabasco sauce

"Plain" Prairie Fire[edit]

1 shot of vodka
1 dash Tabasco sauce

Mexican Prairie Fire[1][edit]

1/2 shot of Tequila
1/2 shot fresh orange juice
2 dash Tabasco sauce


Prairie Chicken[edit]

1 shot of vodka
2 dash Tabasco sauce
1 raw egg

Rogalski's Love Mess[edit]

1 shot of cheap rum
1 shot of cheap tequila
25-30 dashes of Tabasco sauce

Cowtown Prairie Fire[edit]

1 shot of Chartreuse
10 dashes of Tabasco sauce

Buffalo Sweat[edit]

1 shot of whiskey
20+ dashes of Tabasco sauce


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