Prairie Gold Lacrosse League

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Prairie Gold Lacrosse League
Prairie Gold Lacrosse League (emblem).jpg
Sport Box lacrosse
Founded 2001
Commissioner Chris Lesanko
No. of teams 5 (Junior)
7 (Senior)
Country Canada
Most recent
Junior: Regina Rifles
Senior: Saskatoon Brewers

The Prairie Gold Lacrosse League, formally known as the Saskatchewan Major Box Lacrosse League (2001-03), is a Junior B box lacrosse league in Saskatchewan, Canada.

A formal Senior division was launched in 2005, presently with seven member teams.


2016 Senior league champion Saskatoon Brewers became the first-ever PGLL team to compete in a Canadian Lacrosse Association national tournament. Brewers traveled to Leduc, Alberta to compete at Presidents Cup.

Expansion followed in 2017 with three new teams added in the senior division (Prince Albert Outlaws, Saskatoon Steelers, Saskatoon SWAT).


Junior Division Established
Moose Jaw Mustangs 2016
Prince Albert Predators 2003
Regina Rifles 2010
Regina Riot 2011
Saskatoon SWAT 2015

Former Junior teams

  • Assinboia Attack (2001-2011)
  • Big River Bulldogs (2001-2003)
  • Big River Extreme (2003-2006)
  • Estevan Big Dogs (2013)
  • Moose Jaw Mustangs (2002-2013)
  • Regina Jr. Heat (2001-2006)
  • Saskatoon Smash (2001-2014)
  • Saskatoon Steelers (2005-2014)
  • Swift Current Rampage (2003-2009)
  • Yorkton Bulldogs (2003-2014)
Senior Division Established
Estevan Impact 2013
Moose Jaw Chiefs 2014
Prince Albert Outlaws 2017
Regina Heat 2003
Saskatoon Brewers 2005
Saskatoon Steelers 2017
Saskatoon SWAT 2017

Former Senior teams

  • Assiniboia Sr. Attack (2011)
  • Saskatoon Minotaurs (2012)

League champions[edit]

Season Junior champion Junior runner-up Senior champion Senior runner-up
2001 Saskatoon Smash no playoffs --- ---
2002 Moose Jaw Mustangs Saskatoon Smash --- ---
2003 Moose Jaw Mustangs Saskatoon Smash --- ---
2004 Moose Jaw Mustangs Yorkton Bulldogs --- ---
2005 Moose Jaw Mustangs Saskatoon Smash Regina Heat Saskatoon Brewers
2006 Moose Jaw Mustangs Saskatoon Smash Regina Heat Saskatoon Brewers
2007 Moose Jaw Mustangs Saskatoon Steelers Regina Heat Saskatoon Brewers
2008 Saskatoon Smash[1] Prince Albert Predators Regina Heat Saskatoon Brewers
2009 Saskatoon Steelers[2] Regina Riot Regina Heat Saskatoon Brewers
2010 Saskatoon Smash[3] Prince Albert Predators Regina Heat Saskatoon Brewers
2011 Prince Albert Predators Saskatoon Smash Saskatoon Brewers Regina Heat
2012 Regina Riot Regina Rifles Saskatoon Brewers Regina Heat
2013 Regina Rifles[4] Saskatoon Smash Regina Heat Estevan Impact
2014 Saskatoon Smash Regina Rifles Saskatoon Brewers[5] Moose Jaw Chiefs
2015 Saskatoon SWAT[6] Regina Rifles Moose Jaw Chiefs Saskatoon Brewers
2016 Regina Rifles Regina Riot Saskatoon Brewers[7] Moose Jaw Chiefs

Team records[edit]

PGLL Record Team # Season(s)
Most Wins (season) Moose Jaw Mustangs 14-0 2004
Most Goals (season) Moose Jaw Mustangs 239 2005 (16 games)
Longest Win-streak Moose Jaw Mustangs 30 May 2003-August 2004
Longest Unbeaten-streak Moose Jaw Mustangs 40 June 2002-August 2004

Individual records[edit]

PGLL Records Player # Season(s)
Most Points (career) Ken Stewart, Moose Jaw Mustangs 285 2002-05
Most Points (season) Justin Keller, Yorkton Bulldogs 95 2003
Most Points (game) Chris Lesanko, Yorkton Bulldogs 22
Most Goals (career) Ken Stewart, Moose Jaw Mustangs 150 2002-05
Most Goals (season) Justin Keller, Yorkton Bulldogs 53 2003
Most Goals (game) Justin Keller, Yorkton Bulldogs 17
Most Assists (career) Ken Stewart, Moose Jaw Mustangs 135 2002-05
Most Assists (season) Chris Lesanko, Yorkton Bulldogs 63
Most Assists (game) Chris Lesanko, Yorkton Bulldogs 18

Year-by-year review[edit]

2001 season[edit]

The Saskatchewan Major Box Lacrosse League was formed in May 2001 with the Assiniboia Attack, Big River Bulldogs, Regina Heat and Saskatoon Smash. The Saskatoon Smash took the first year's regular season league title by going undefeated. No playoffs were held.

2002 season[edit]

The league added the Moose Jaw Mustangs team and the Mustangs did not disappoint, not losing a game all year to capture the first-ever official PGLL Provincial title by defeating the Saskatoon Smash in the final. Ken Stewart was named 2002 Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association Player of the Year.[8]

2003 season[edit]

The 2003 season was a huge success with the final game summarizing just how exciting this league is and will become even more so in the future as the developing teams become more competitive. The Moose Jaw Mustangs once again captured the league championship with a thrilling overtime victory over the Saskatoon Smash. The season saw large growth in the number of teams with the Prince Albert Predators, Swift Current Rampage, Yorkton Bulldogs and the first senior team, Regina Heat, entering the league.

The Saskatchewan Major Box Lacrosse League changed the name of the league to the Prairie Gold Lacrosse League at the AGM held on December 15, 2003.

2004 season[edit]

The 2004 season was another great season for the PGLL, including the first season of tiered Junior lacrosse. The Tier 1 title was once again won by the Moose Jaw Mustangs, although the team did lose its first ever game in the league. Moose Jaw dropped a game to the Yorkton Bulldogs in the best-of three final series. The Tier 2 title was also won by Moose Jaw Mustangs II, showing this program has a strong contingent of players ready to keep the Mustangs near the top of the PGLL for years to come.

2005 season[edit]

2005 was a history-making season with Saskatoon hosting the Founders Cup for the first time in Saskatchewan's history. The Moose Jaw Mustangs kept their Tier 1 championship streak alive, defeating the Saskatoon Smash in the final series. The Tier 2 championship was won by the Saskatoon Steelers.

The Regina Heat captured the first-ever PGLL Senior title with a win over the expansion Saskatoon Brewers.

2006 season[edit]

The Moose Jaw Mustangs won their fifth-straight championship, defeating the Saskatoon Smash in the final series. The Tier 2 championship was won once again by the Saskatoon Steelers, showing the upcoming depth of the Saskatoon program.

Regina Heat captured their second consecutive Senior title with a win over the Saskatoon Brewers.

2008 season[edit]

Saskatoon Smash finished the regular season first and went undefeated in the playoffs to win the Tier 1 Junior championship. Yorkton Bulldogs had a slow start to the season, but finished it off with their first Tier 2 Junior championship. Other teams with successful seasons were the Regina Riot, Saskatoon Steelers and the Prince Albert Predators.


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