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Prairieland Conference
RegionWestern Central Illinois (Fulton, Knox, Mason, McDonough, Peoria, Schuyler, and Warren counties)
Prairieland Conference locations
The Prairieland Conference within Illinois

The Prairieland Conference is a high school conference in western central Illinois. The conference participates in athletics and activities in the Illinois High School Association. The conference comprises small public high schools with enrollments between 50-400 students in portions of Fulton, Knox, Mason, McDonough, Peoria, Schuyler, and Warren counties.

Current membership[edit]

School Location Mascot Colors 2017-18 Enrollment IHSA Classes 2/3/4[1] IHSA Music Class[2] IHSA Football Class[3]
High School
Abingdon, IL Tornadoes               
Black, Yellow, Hunter Green
264 A/1A/1A C 1A
High School
Astoria, IL Rebels          
Purple, Green
110 A/1A/1A
(VIT Coop - A/1A/1A)
D 1A
(VIT Coop - 1A)
High School
Brimfield, IL Indians          
Red, White
225 A/1A/1A
(Elmwood Coop- A/1A/2A)
C 1A
(Elmwood Coop- 2A)
Bushnell-Prairie City
High School
Bushnell, IL Spartans               
Red, White, Blue
226 A/1A/1A C 1A
(West Prairie BWP Coop-2A)
High School
Cuba, IL Wildcats          
Red, Black
142 A/1A/1A
(SRV Coop- A/1A/1A)
D 1A
(SRV Coop- 1A)
High School
Elmwood, IL Trojans          
Orange, Black
213 A/1A/1A
(Brimfield Coop - A/1A/2A)
C 1A
(Brimfield Coop - 2A)
Farmington High School Farmington, IL Farmers          
Purple, Gold
413 B 3A
High School
Havana, IL Ducks          
Maroon, White
298 A/1A/1A
C 2A
Illini West
High School
Carthage, IL Chargers               
Blue, Orange, White
346 B 2A
High School
Knoxville, IL Blue Bullets          
Navy Blue, Old Gold
330 A/1A/1A
C 2A
High School
Lewistown, IL Indians          
Scarlet Red, Columbia Blue
220 A/1A/1A
C 1A
Peoria Heights
High School
Peoria Heights, IL Patriots               
Red, White, Blue
207 A/1A/1A
C 1A
Spoon River Valley
High School
London Mills, IL Vikings          
Black, Orange
109 A/1A/1A
(Cuba Coop- A/1A/1A)
D 1A
(Cuba Coop- 1A)

High School

Rushville, IL Rockets               

Purple, Gold, White

353 A/1A/1A B 2A
High School
Table Grove, IL Rebels               
White, Purple, Green
101 A/1A/1A
(Astoria Coop- A/1A/1A)
D 1A
(Astoria Coop- 1A)
West Prairie High School Sciota, IL Cyclones          Black, Silver 162 A/1A/1A (Bushnell-PC Coop 2A) (BWP Coop-2A)

Sources:IHSA Conferences,[4] IHSA Coop Teams,[5] and IHSA Member Schools Directory[6]

  • Astoria+VIT=South Fulton
  • Cuba+Spoon River Valley=North Fulton
  • Havana+Illini Central for boys wrestling only
  • Brimfield and Elmwood do not coop for basketball
  • Bushnell-PC and West Prairie coop as BWP in baseball, football, softball and track. The schools do not coop in boys basketball, girls basketball, scholastic bowl or volleyball.

Competitive Success[edit]

The Prairieland Conference has won 9 state championships in IHSA sponsored athletics and activities.[7]

State Champions[edit]

Boys Baseball

  • Lewistown (1992-1993 A)
  • Peoria Heights (2017 1A)

Boys Cross Country

  • Elmwood (1977-1978 A)
  • Elmwood (1983-1984 A)
  • Elmwood (1984-1985 A)
  • Elmwood (1985-1986 A)
  • Elmwood (2006-2007 A)
  • Elmwood (2008-2009 1A)
  • Elmwood (2013-2014 1A)
  • Elmwood (2016-2017 1A)
  • Elmwood (2017-2018 1A)

Boys Golf

  • Havana (1998-1999 A)

Girls Volleyball


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