Praise the Fallen

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Praise the Fallen
Studio album by VNV Nation
Released 2 June 1998
20 May 1999 (US)
Genre Futurepop
Length 60:52
Label Wax Trax!/TVT
VNV Nation chronology
Advance and Follow
Praise the Fallen
Singles from Praise the Fallen
  1. "Solitary"
    Released: September 14, 1998
  2. "Honour 2003"
    Released: June 10, 2003
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]
Almost Cool 7/10 stars[2]

Praise the Fallen (also known as PTF2012) is the second studio album by futurepop duo VNV Nation, released in 1998. It is a departure from their debut album’s sound, featuring better production values, being more melodic, and containing a heavier electronic pace. "Solitary" was released as an EP, and "Honour" was re-recorded in 2003 and released as a single.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Chosen" 4:21
2. "Joy" 5:52
3. "Procession" 5:23
4. "Voice" 6:12
5. "Forsaken" 4:49
6. "Ascension" 8:15
7. "Honour" 6:41
8. "Burnout" 3:32
9. "Solitary" 7:29
10. "PTF2012" 3:06
11. "Schweigeminute" 1:00
12. "Untitled" (bonus track) 4:12
Total length: 60:52


  • “PTF2012” was originally thought to be a reference to the Mayan Calendar doomsday, 21 December 2012. Although in the booklet for Reformation 1 Ronan Harris states that the date was chosen at random.
  • “Schweigeminute” is just one minute of silence.
  • On “Forsaken”, The first line; "For thirty years, I have plotted to bring down the party. I am sick in mind and body" is a direct reference from the movie adaption of George Orwell's 1984. The last line in the song “If you’re frightened of dying, and you’re holding on — you’ll see devils tearing your life away. If you made your peace — then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the Earth” is from the movie Jacob’s Ladder and is spoken by Danny Aiello.
  • Ronan Harris often refers to Praise the Fallen as a way of self-help through a difficult time of his life — in particular the track “Forsaken”, of which a vocal version was recorded for Solitary EP.[3] This version, when sung live, is an emotional experience for Ronan, and he has been known to break down in tears.