Prajogo Pangestu

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Prajogo Pangestu
Born 1944
Residence Indonesia
Citizenship Indonesia
Prajogo Pangestu
(Chinese Indonesian name)
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Hanyu Pinyin Péng Yúnpéng

Prajogo Pangestu (traditional Chinese: ; simplified Chinese: ; pinyin: Péng Yúnpéng) Born Phang Djoen Phen in 1944 is an Indonesian business magnate, investor, and philanthropist of Hakka Chinese origin. He owns and founded Barito Pacific Group which engages in forestry, petrochemicals, property, plantation, oil and gas, coal and gold mining, as well as geothermal. Pangestu has been ranked by Forbes Indonesia as one of the richest people in Indonesia.

In the 1970s, he traded timber in Kalimantan. One of the companies controlled by Prajogo, PT Barito Pacific Timber Tbk, as of 1993 was the largest company on the Jakarta Stock Exchange.[3] In 2007, PT Barito Pacific Timber Tbk decided to drop the word "Timber" to reflect the diversified scope of its businesses today and in the future.

Aside from PT Barito Pacific Tbk which controls Indonesia's largest petrochemical producer, PT Chandra Asri Petrochemicals Tbk, Prajogo Pangestu also controls Star Energy, one of the largest oil & gas, as well as geothermal company in Indonesia.

As of 2009, Barito Pacific also owns the Transpacific Group, which has an 80% stake in Transpacific Railway Infrastructure.[4]


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