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"Arbeiderungdommen" redirects here. For the defunct publication, see Arbeiderungdommen (1923–1927).

Praksis ("Practice") is a Norwegian magazine, published by the Workers Youth League.

It was started on 15 November 1923[1] as Den Røde Ungdom by members of the Labour Party who had lost control of the Young Communist League of Norway and its newspaper Klassekampen. Thus Den Røde Ungdom was the official organ of the Left Communist Youth League, and was published fortnightly. When the Left Communist Youth League merged with the Socialist Youth League of Norway to form the Workers Youth League in 1927, Den Røde Ungdom absorbed the Socialist Youth League organ Arbeiderungdommen.[2]

Later, the name was changed to Arbeiderungdommen.[2] From 1953 to 1973 it was known as Fritt Slag, and the name is now Praksis.[3]


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