Pranati Deka

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Pranati Deka
Born Nalbari, Assam
Criminal charge Terrorism
Criminal status In prison
Spouse(s) Chitraban Hazarika
Parent(s) Chandra Kanta Deka (Father)

Pranati Deka (Assamese: প্ৰণতি ডেকা) is the Cultural Secretary of the outlawed outfit ULFA in Assam.[1][2][3][4] She hails from Nalbari district of Assam.[1][4] She is also the wife of the outfit’s finance secretary Chitrabon Hazarika.[1][3][4]


Deka was first arrested on August 23, 1996 from Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai.[1][3] She got released on bail in 1998. In 2003 she was again arrested at Phulbari in Garo Hills district of Meghalaya while trying to escape.[1][2][4]


Cases registered against her are:[4]

Police Stations Charges
Panbazar (Guwahati) PS under Passports Act
North Lakhimpur PS under Sec 120, 121, 121(A) of the IPC
Special Branch of Assam Police has 2 cases
Lakhimpur PS 2 TADA cases

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