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Swami Pranavananda
Swami Pranavananda
Swami Pranavananda
Founder ofBharat Sevashram Sangha
BornBinode Bhuia
(1896-01-29)29 January 1896
Bajitpur, Madaripur(Faridpur) District, Bengal, British India
Died8 February 1941(1941-02-08) (aged 45)
Kolkata, Bengal, British India
GuruYogiraj Baba Gambhirnathji Maharaj

Swami Pranavananda (Bengali: স্বামী প্রণবানন্দ) also known as Yugacharya Srimat Swami Pranavananda Ji Maharaj, (29 January 1896 – 8 February 1941)[1] was a Hindu yogi and saint who founded an organization known as the Bharat Sevashram Sangha.[2] He is remembered for his pioneering efforts to bring the modern Hindu society into the new age without compromising the essential values of ancient traditions of Hindu spirituality. Swamiji was one of the greatest spiritual leaders of modern India. He is still revered very much for his message of universal love, compassion for all humanity and social reform without giving up the nationalist zeal, the love of mother land.

He was born on 29 January 1896, the auspicious day of Maghi Purnima (16th Magha, 1302), in Bajitpur, a village in Faridpur District in undivided India (presently in Bangladesh). His parents Vishnu Charan Bhuia and Saradadevi were very pious and blessed by Lord Shiva to have a son for the mitigation of human suffering and universal emancipation. He was affectionately named Jaynath by his father at birth and later in his boyhood he was called Binode. Binode showed uncommon philosophical inclinations since childhood and often could be seen in deep contemplation at the village school. He was popular with the children of the locality because of his helpful nature.[3]

Swami Pranavananda as Brahmachari in his pre-monastic days.


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