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Prank Patrol
Created by Apartment 11 Productions
Starring Barney Harwood
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 40
Running time 25 minutes
Original network CBBC
Original release 17 May 2007 (2007-05-17) – 18 April 2012 (2012-04-18)
Related shows Rank the Prank
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Prank Patrol is a British version of the Canadian show of the same name. The show was made by Baker Media for CBBC which specialised in kids programming. It was hosted by Barney Harwood. It was produced by Baker Media in association with Apartment 11 Productions. One episode of the show where the prankster Adam attempts to prank his friend Tom was not aired as Tom found out about the prank before it was played out, leading to some controversy over whether or not the show's pranks were genuine or not.[1]


Based on the original Prank Patrol series, a young adult nominates his or her friend to play a prank on. Barney then arrives in his van with the Ninja driving and organize their Prank at Prank HQ. They usually are assisted by someone in that prank's area of expertise. After preparing everything it is then 'Prank Day' which is the day the prank will be executed.[2]


Recipe For A Prank[edit]

Similar to the original Canadian format this filler is an animated short of which explains how to set up your own Prank.[3]

Release The Ninja[edit]

The Ninja usually go to a public place and play a Prank whether it be hiding behind a park bench and making fart sounds or putting free drinks on a table with leaking cups. Stockport town centre in Manchester is usually the location of these pranks.


Started to be aired on TV in May 2006 - May 2007. Prank Patrol was cancelled by the BBC due to an unconnected incident where an Australian journalist fooled a hospital employee into putting him through to a member of the UK royal family who were receiving treatment at the hospital. This employee then took her own life. [4]


Series 1: 2007[edit]

Episode No. Title Original airdate
1 "Art Auction" 16 April 2007 (16 April 2007)

Josh tricks his brothers that his work of art will sell for thousands at auction.

Prankster: Josh Coulton

Josh's targets: George & Bill
2 "The Mummy" 18 April 2007 (18 April 2007)

Freddie wants to unleash an ancient Egyptian spell on his best friend.

Prankster: Freddie Watkins

Freddie's target: Billy
3 "Haunted Hall" 20 April 2007 (20 April 2007)

Helena wants to prank her friends with a guided tour to a supposedly haunted hall.

Prankster: Helena Smith

Who she's pranking: Emily, Jenny and Melissa
4 "Computer game comes alive" 23 April 2007 (23 April 2007)

Barney is turned into a computer game character to prank Joe's younger brother.

Prankster: Joe Barrett

Who he's pranking: James Barrett
5 "Giant Spider" 25 April 2007 (25 April 2007)

Erik's friend thinks he's not afraid of anything. How will he react to a giant spider?

Prankster: Erik Finch

Who he's pranking: Tom
6 "Karate Kid" 30 April 2007 (30 April 2007)

Jake wants to prank his martial arts classmates to show them he can be a karate superstar.

Prankster: Jake Woods

Who he's pranking: Martial arts classmates
7 "Cheeky Chinese" 2 May 2007 (2 May 2007)

Krissy makes a meal that her dad will remember for the rest of his life.

Prankster: Krissy Gill

Who she's pranking: Surj
8 "Mere Monster" 4 May 2007 (4 May 2007)

Alice is into canoeing and wants to pay back her best mate, who is always screaming.

Prankster: Alice Owen

Alice's target: Keira
9 "Rap Star" 13 September 2007 (13 September 2007)

Shallon becomes a rapper to prank his three cousins who embarrass him at school.

Prankster: Shallon

Who he's pranking:
10 "Aliens Exist !" 11 May 2007 (11 May 2007)

Harry wants to convince his friends that aliens have landed in his back garden.

Prankster: Harry Young

Who he's pranking: Jordan and Katie
11 "Dinosaur Dig" 14 May 2007 (14 May 2007)

The prankster wants to make his friends believe dinosaurs still exist.

Prankster: Arian (Ozzy)

Who he's pranking: Max, Lloyd and Alex Thompson
12 "Space Station" 28 April 2007 (28 April 2007)

Ella convinces her best friend Louise that she can communicate with aliens.

Prankster: Ella Brown

Who she's pranking: Louise
13 "Bad Luck Bakery" 29 April 2007 (29 April 2007)

Oliver creates a recipe for disaster for his best buddy Holly and a bride and groom.

Prankster: Oliver Benbow White

Who he's pranking: Holly
14 "Monkey Mayhem" 5 May 2007 (5 May 2007)

Olivia pulls a banana prank on her best friend Sophie at a local safari park.

Prankster: Olivia

Who she's pranking: Sophie
15 "Magic Show" 23 May 2007 (23 May 2007)

Prankster Jazmin plans a magic moment when she casts a spell over her friend Chloe.

Prankster: Jazmin

Jazmin's target: Chloe
16 "Dream Machine" 6 May 2007 (6 May 2007)

Olivia invites Hannah to a dream laboratory for a prank that turns into a nightmare.

Prankster: Olivia

Who she's pranking: Hannah
17 "Lousy Laundry" 13 May 2007 (13 May 2007)

Liz pranks her best mate Sophie at a lousy launderette.

Prankster: Liz Harley

Who she's pranking: Sophie
18 "Bonkers Bowling" 9 May 2007 (9 May 2007)

A girl called Hannah wants to turn her bowling friend into a bowling wreck.

Prankster: Hannah Clifford

Who she's pranking: Georgia Cowell
19 "Calamity carwash" 20 May 2007 (20 May 2007)

Disaster occurs when Lewis invites his twin brother Robert to help out at a car wash.

Prankster: Lewis Slater

Who he's pranking: Robert Slater
20 "Best Of Series 1" 26 May 2007 (26 May 2007)

Barney chooses his top five pranks from the series.

5. Magic Show 4. Mere Monsters 3. Bad Luck Bakery 2. Space Station

1. Computer Game Comes Alive

Series 2: 2007[edit]

Episode No. Title Original Airdate
1 "Calamity Cop Shop" 16 October 2007 (16 October 2007)

Joe joins the Prank Patrol to frame his best friend for a crime he didn't commit.

Prankster: Joe

Who he's pranking:
2 "Mission Invisible" 23 October 2007 (23 October 2007)

Susannah tells her friend that he can become involved in developing a new computer game.

Prankster: Susannah Owen

Who she's pranking: Thomas
3 "Talent Showdown" 30 October 2007 (30 October 2007)

Sam Liu joins the Prank Patrol to set up his best friend Leigh with a fake talent show.

Prankster: Sam Liu

Who he's pranking: Leigh
4 "Meteor Mayhem" 4 November 2007 (4 November 2007)

James has to convince his best friend that his house is contaminated by a meteor.

Prankster: James

Who he's pranking: Henry
5 "Forest Of Fear" 13 November 2007 (13 November 2007)

David tries to trick his friend Max into believing that a beast is roaming the woods.

Prankster: David

Who he's pranking: Max
6 "Fortune Teller" 13 February 2008 (13 February 2008)

Barney Harwood dresses as a Turkish sage and climbs inside a retro fortune teller machine.

Prankster: Maisie McGarvey

Who she's pranking: Jak
7 "Spy Dad" 27 November 2007 (27 November 2007)

Barney and the team convince the target that their dad is actually a secret agent.

Prankster: Macully Collier

Who he's pranking: Ryan
8 "Ice Scream" 4 December 2007 (4 December 2007)

Rita tells her friends that they have been invited to visit an ice cream van.

Prankster: Rita

Who she's pranking: Morgan
9 "Sounds Stupid" 11 December 2007 (11 December 2007)

A recording studio is used to hoodwink a victim into destroying a master CD.

Prankster: Ellie

Who she's pranking: Beth
10 "Crock Shock" 18 December 2007 (18 December 2007)

The prank targets believe they are helping a zoo vet during an operation on a crocodile.

Prankster: Taylor-Marie Webb

Who she's pranking: Gemma and Katie

Series 3: 2010[edit]


Episode No. Title Original Airdate
1 "Shark Shenanigans" 16 January 2010 (2010-01-16)

The prankster plans to bring her best friend face to face with a scary great white shark.

Prankster: Olivia

Who she's pranking: Conor
2 "Whacky Wedding" 23 January 2010 (2010-01-23)

The target turns up in a bridesmaid's outfit at a stranger's wedding.

Prankster: Bupe

Who she's pranking: Olivia
3 "Football Crazy" 20 March 2010 (2010-03-20)

Barney Harwood and the Ninjas tackle the target on the pitch.

Prankster: Taylor Smith

Who's he pranking: Rhys
4 "Space Spoof" 30 January 2010 (2010-01-30)

Barney Harwood helps Joe to prank his best mate with an out-of-this-world experience.

Prankster: Joe Alti

Who he's pranking: Charlie
5 "Rodent Revenge" 6 February 2010 (2010-02-06)

Barney and the Ninjas cause a rat-astrophe.

Prankster: Emma Woodruff

Who's she pranking: Olivia
6 "Ghostly Gallery" 13 February 2010 (2010-02-13)

A day out at the museum turns out to be far from normal, more paranormal for one target.

Prankster: Emerson Maude

Who's he pranking: Jodie
7 "Fishy Business" 20 February 2010 (2010-02-20)

A prankster tries to convince his target that there is a scary lake lizard on the loose.

Prankster: Josh Nimmo

Who's he pranking: Ben
8 "Delivery Disaster" 27 February 2010 (2010-02-27)

There could be an explosive situation in the warehouse full of dozy delivery drivers.

Prankster: Louis Beech

Who's he pranking: Callum
9 "Bollywood Bedlam" 6 March 2010 (2010-03-06)

Prank Patrol's newest recruit wants her best friend to believe they're in a music video.

Prankster: Eliza Boardman

Who's she pranking: Joli
10 "Car Chaos" 13 March 2010 (2010-03-13)

The prankster gets behind the wheel of a prank that drives his best mate mad.

Prankster: Dominic Dilger

Who's he pranking: Callum


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