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Prashant Dayal is an Indian journalist, who broke the story of Sohrabuddin encounter case in November 2006.[1] He currently reports as correspondents for multiple print media organizations, including The Times of India. He also publishes a column titled 'Jivti Varta'.[2]

Early life[edit]

He started working in a garage. When in college, he started driving an autorickshaw at night. In his journalism career, Dayal has switched jobs almost 14 times.[3]


He admitted of cultivating a habit of drinking alcohol with police officers to bring out reports from them. He was later charged with sedition by Gujarat Police in 2008. The charges were later quashed in 2013.[4][5] His reporting eventually led to the arrest of Gujarat police Deputy Inspector General (Border Range) D G Vanzara, Rajkumar Pandian, superintendent of police with the Intelligence Bureau, and M N Dinesh Kumar (Rajasthan police) on the charge of murdering Sohrabuddin Sheikh and other fake encounter's.


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